7 questions to determine if you truly LOVE someone.

7 questions to determine if you truly LOVE someone.

Growing up in the 70s and 80s… I wish someone would have shared something like what I’m about to show you, with me. A lot of pain and suffering could’ve been avoided.

We know that Love covers a multitude of sins. This is what is meant when Jesus said we are to forgive 70×70. Only a Devine Love can conquer the pain of sin in people’s lives.

Society is so different now. Women believed they’d go to hell if they divorce their men, or if he divorced her… so women tolerated more in the past… it is a sign of the times. Not many couples stay together if one cheats. It is an amazing thing to behold. And I praise God that he has protected me from that. C’ause God only knows how I’ve been put in situation after situation, that only a love for God and my love for my wife, saved me.

So… do you think you love someone? A new girlfriend, or boyfriend? A second husband or wife? Do you question if it is the right move? Read these seven questions, and maybe they’ll help you decide.


Are you truly in love?

  1. Would you be willing to lose every single thing that makes you, you… for that other person? Your job? Your home? Your family? Your reputation? Your life?
  2. If they are “not there” around you, not involved in everything you do… do you physically feel incomplete?
  3. Do you wish to be away from the other person on occasion?
  4. Do you look at yourself through their eyes, and try to become what they want?
  5. Does only God hold a higher place than them? In other words, is there anyone – besides God – that means more to you than or just as much as…. what that person means to you?
  6. If you are not yet 100% compatible with each other, can you see yourself, becoming all they are?
  7. Would you be willing to stay with this person and forsake all others if they 1.) became disfigured beyond all recognition? 2.) Emotionally, or even physically hurt you? 3) Cheated on you?

So, what do I do now?

The Bible says, “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church.” That settles it. Should women love their husbands as Christ loved the church?

Yes… in fact, the silence on the matter strengthens the resolve of the word to indicate they are to be applied to both men and women.

So what do you do?

What if you have discovered you do not love your spouse? Well, I’d say, submit to God, and learn how to love them. If you are a Christian, you love with a divine love. And if your spouse is a Christian, they have that same love.

If you are not married to this person, and you’ve discovered you do not truly love them. Set them free. Set yourself free. Destruction awaits you…. do it God’s way.

If you do it God’s way… you’ll have a life long happy relationship. This goes for friendships, marriage, even business. When relationships are under the authority of God… they are healthy, long, and bear fruit.

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