5 questions to determine if you are going to hell.

5 questions to determine if you are going to hell.

IIf there was a way to tell if I were going to hell, I’d wanna know.

  1. Have you repaid all debts? This includes making [all] wrongs, right. All lies made right. [All] apologies given and accepted. [All] broken relationships restored? Every law broken – caught or not – the penalty is paid – this includes speeding.
  2. Have you entered into an agreement with another person, or God, and not kept your end of the deal. This includes relationships. Marriages. Friendships. Jobs. Promises. Secrets.
  3. Have you made a choice that negatively impacted other people? Mistakenly, or on purpose.
  4. Have you harmed anything that belongs to someone else? This includes personal property. A person’s body. Invisible property like ideas, intellectual property.
  5. Have you claimed bankruptcy and realized you can’t ever go back to make right all you’ve done. Or even prepare for all the wrongs you are going to do. And you’ve decided to let the sacrifice of Jesus, on the cross, be the payment for your debt?

So are you going to hell?


What does the Bible say? Jesus had no debt. Jesus never wronged or hurt anyone. He’d never broken any law. God’s law, or man’s law. He was perfect. He loved perfect. He always kept his end of the deal and never let emotions get involved to interfere with His love for God, which was expressed through His love for people.

Love covers a multitude of sins. When two people love each other, I mean truly love each other, wrongs, debts, all mentioned in the list above… those wrongs can’t touch that love.

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The sin that is covered, is covered through the obligation created by the force of that love. The weaker the love – which really isn’t love – the weaker the obligation. And the opposite is just as true. The obligation to the other person is the evidence. The stronger that love. The stronger the obligation.

Obligation is the indication. God, as the creator, was obligated to His creation to cover their sin. This is what is meant by: For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. That whoever believes in Him will have eternal life (Jn. 3:16).

That handles the Father’s obligation. As a separate member of the God head… what was the Son’s obligation?


Jesus, the man, indebted to no one. The man who knew no sin became sin and accepted responsibility, to pay the price, in order to settle your debt. His love for your life cemented in an obligation for justice. The only just thing to do was die for the world. Why should mankind pay for the sins of Adam? See how that works.

Jesus was indebted to no one. But now He is. His death on the cross obligated Him to us. He is now obligated. The relationship is true. He bought the deed to your life. You belong to Him and He is responsible for you now.

So, are you going to go to hell. Are your wrongs paid for?

How much purchasing power do you think Jesus has? Yeah, but Deacon… we can choose to walk away from God? Was your debt paid? You won’t be able to walk away. And if someone does… it’s just a season. The question then should be, did they claim bankruptcy? Did they accept God’s word and agree with Him about who they are? Did they accept the certificate saying their debt is paid? Which now indebts them to Christ. They are owned by Him. So, how could they take any part of themselves away from Him? The deed to your life is secure in heaven. It’s so simple… either it’s paid, or it isn’t. It is.

This is the exact definition of the word Redeemed. To buy back.

What does the Bible say?

So, are you going to hell? What does the Bible say? Do you need to claim bankruptcy?


3 thoughts on “5 questions to determine if you are going to hell.

  1. I’m going to Heaven.
    I’m doing my best but
    My Best Will Never Get
    Me Into Heaven. But my
    Past Sin, Won’t Keep Me Out!
    Not bcuz I can answer No to all
    the above questions, but bcuz
    Jesus Died for me, paid my debt
    & Rose Again so I could be Saved;
    my sin is covered By His Blood.

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