Are you ready ANTI-VAXERS


Yeah, like weather cast. Or news cast.

Expect another Lock Down… worst than the last.

Very strict.

You are going to become a prisoner in your own house.

Remember the snow in August and September. Remember they said it spreads under colder conditions.

Remember, we just got word the vax will be complete at the end of October…

Expect that stricter lock-down to happen in October.

They want you begging for the vax, just so you can leave your house.

People are going to refuse…

And when they do….

It will become mandatory through a back door.

You’ll need your vax card number to shop.

Still…People will refuse.

The lines at stores will become insane as people shop for their neighbors who will not take the vax.

Then limits will be put on necessities.

The neighbor will no longer be able to enter the store twice within a certain time period. They scanned her vax card at entry.

Antivaxers – who believe the vax is the mark of the beast – will shop online at places like Amazon. Even their local Walmart.

However… Your antivax card number will be needed at checkout.

It’ll be painted as necessary to induce people to action.

Be patriotic…

And those of you, who take the vax, who wouldn’t believe our message… you will have failed the greatest test.

You took the mark.

And it is clear what happens to your soul if you do that.

Good day.

The Best

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