Panic – Staking Your Life On What You Know

Panic – Staking Your Life On What You Know

Are we getting ready to witness the mass genocide of a lot of African Americans? Especially a disproportionate…

It is amazing to me that people are willing to stake their lives on what they know. They’ll say, “I’ll bet my life on it.”

Will you? Should you?

As something as incredible as the Bible, salvation, the trinity, the last things, angles. I could go on and on.

Let’s look at the Bible for a moment. It’s a collection of 66 individually written books that span a period of several thousand years. These books are written in 3 ancient languages, one of which could be considered prehistoric. The historic narratives were first preserved in Oral tradition. The creation story through to the time of Abraham was edited by Moses. The book of Job, the oldest of all the books was in circulation in Moses’s time and had probably been copied and edited hundreds of times by then.

No original autographs exist. In other words… no original text of the Bible exist.

A codex is an ancient Manuscript. Yep… it’s a fancy word. There are many copies of the originals…. but the collection of codices, a complete manuscript in the form of the Bible we use today… are few. And here, I’ll say it again… there are no originals. And it is the originals that were inspired.

What we are using today are copies of the inspired word of God. Understanding this will lead to the wonderful realization that it’s – ya ready for this – it’s not the words, it is the ideas that inspired at this point. The inspired word of God is preserved in doctrine… not in the words. The words are a frame. The measuring stick. That is why it is called the Canon of Scripture. The Canon… in Greek the kan-own, meaning “rule” or measuring stick. The canon is the collection by which all other collections should be judged and measured.

I’ll say it again, it shocks me to think people with no training in the handling of ancient documents, proficient in: the ancient languages, ancient linguistics, anthropology, yada, yada, yada, are so quick to bet their eternal destination, and end friendships, on what they know when it comes to unclear passages and doctrines. I have to believe, it is not always pride, but the thing itself… the lack of knowledge.

You’ve heard it, my people suffer because of a lack of knowledge.

So, ya see… all these people that get hung up on which version is the correct version… again, lack of knowledge. The truth of God is preserved in science. It’s called Systematic Theology. This science has been around since He spoke His first words to the “a’dom” the man… Adam. A true Systematic Treatise on Theology would include the treatment of all the differing theology systems found in denominations.

All I am getting at… we must respect the Word of God. The average person would not attempt to dismantle, and then put back together a modern car engine, and expect it to run correctly without months and months, even years, of instruction. Yet some approach the Words of God as an expert.

Just think about it. That’s all I’m askin’.

Letter from the editor

Dear Black People,

Remember when they told you, you were 10 times more likely to catch COVID? You were the target with the masks. You are the target of this vaccine. Keep ya mind about you. Protect your people from democrats. They want you so afraid. THEY WANT YOU TO TAKE THAT VACCINE. Beware. Trust God.

This is quite serious. The billboard below is used in Oakland, CA.

Could this be done on purpose? Are we getting ready to witness the mass genocide of a lot of African Americans? Especially a disproportionate amount of blacks vs white in what has been called, high-risk groups of both Black and white?

Again… this is very serious.

To my black brothers and sisters…consider why democrats have subjugated your race for so long. Because you keep their pockets full and their bank accounts fat.

Because of social engineering carried out by democrats, you are the greatest threat to the stability of this nation. And they know that. They’ve made an entire race of people a tool. Am I wrong? Prove me wrong.

Let’s start with the slaves. Let’s start at the civil rights movement. We can start wherever you want in this nation’s history… and there has been one race repeatedly used, more than any other race, by Democrats for different purposes… but all for their service. And this is done by both black and white democrat leaders. Don’t you get it… Joe Biden… THE DEMOCRAT party… he’s been turning on the “race money spicket” for the last 40 some odd years. Now you think he’s gonna help you?

There I did it again. I made it political. Well… all life is political. And the heart of a nation is mirrored in the political. Especially this one.

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3 thoughts on “Panic – Staking Your Life On What You Know

  1. My boy was on the Walking Marines backpack that met President Trump July 27th 2020, that was his age when he died. Terry Sharpe walking Marine traveled 300 miles on foot to raise Awareness for Veteran Suicides. Vanessa Guillen her mom brought her spirit on July 30th 2020. Why is that important ? SHARP
    Thats the name of the current program in place in the military for anyone who has been assaulted can file a report. Vanessa is coming to her mom in dreams, telling her to protect the children.
    Ken Wilsons son, Allen Wilson was also on the back pack and Jeremiah Conklin. Im not sure of all the boys names that traveled with Terry and Ken on the rucksack. Im not sure of who they all are. But I have serveral boys that ended up on my facebook page that died of suicide. There are several boys but only these 3 names I can see who were with Terry when he got there. Tammy, Jeremiah’s mom never told me how Jeremiah died. But she was apart of the VOP in Az at Camp Conklin for the homelss Veterans. Farrin my boy and Kens boy died of OD. Farrin on Fentanyl and Ken’s son on VA meds. One other boy his mom told me her son died of hanging. Brent Walkup, Rhondas brother died gunshot, and Stephanie Miner, her son also gunshot. Brent walkup destroyed his phone, so did my boy before they died. Both boys were in bad relationships and fighting to save them. Brent was stationed in Cheyenne Wyoming at that nuclear base. My boys wifes father was Lockheed Nuclear missels. I have a niece, her exhusband Arthur Romero he died Feb 2013 of gunshot, also Afganistan wounded, purple Heart recipient. Most these boys died if not all except Stephanies son died in 20 (13) stephs boy died in Jan 14, and she was already on my FB page when he died or immediately connected to me, when we walked …. I was in my 2nd month of shock. We walked together texting and on FB. Talking occasionally by phone.
    FYI… do not post

  2. Such a true article and blog.
    Great writing Shawn. I pray that they are protected by the Holy Spirit from all who would kill them for their greed and evil ways.

  3. There was another boy, his name Mark Cofield. Mark was John’s brother, John was my son’s bootcamp nattle buddy at Fort Benning 2006. Mark apparenly went in before John and my son. Im not sure how far ahead he was in his military career, he may have been part of the group that came up missing in May of 2007, The scout team while on patrol were ambushed; 3 soldiers taken as POWs. At the same time CNN was covering the 3 soldiers missing, they mentioned a soldier shot himself in his barracks. After my boys group were apart of the Iraq Surge, under Tommy Franks upon arrival. Shortly there after it changed to General Petraeus. Donald Rumsfeld stepped down Robert Gates stepped up. But not before the 3 missing were found. Joseph Anzack (Pelosi Constitute from Terrence County California…. his body was found badly beaten around the face and toros, washed up from the Euphrates River.
    Shortly into their arrival, The other two, Byron Fouty and Alex Jimenez remains were found approximately 40 mile from the camp in a small village in an underground shelter.

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