GOD WINS! And tragedy.

GOD WINS! And tragedy.

Have you ever just given yourself over to questions. It is a great exercise in logic. I mean… if God is so powerful… why doesn’t He just make it so. Why doesn’t He make it easy to believe by showing Himself to us? Why doesn’t he just save us all?

I have to sigh when I hear people, gleefully say, “God Wins.” It is natural for us to assume that is a good thing. Not realizing, the sobering fact that the scariest thing He has revealed about Himself is His wrath He pours out on people who do evil.

I mean… the saying that is popular, “Read the Bible. God Wins.” Yeah, it’s true, But what does it mean?

It means you could be living when God stops judging locally and starts judging globally. And when that happens, there will be no escape.

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Judging Localy?

Yeah. And if you are a Christian, it’s not a popular belief that tragedy is part of providence. That when human death is involved in any tragedy, be it crime, a virus, a storm… ultimately it is because of the fall f man death is even a thing. We were judged in the garden, but God created it all from start to finish. The One outside of time. That is… outside of this time space continuum. And you might be in the wrong time at the wrong place.

You see… we can say with the Psalmist: Be still my heart. My God is in control.

And until you understand and believe providence, you will never understand His revelation of Himself through His written word. You will squabble over trivial things like what book should’ve been included and which ones shouldn’t have. Because until you have read the Bible as I have… you will never see how perfect it is. Sorry if that hurts your feelings. But you know it is the truth. The words become something else when they are knit together by their context.

As I’ve said, those to whom the Lord said, “I never knew you.” They thought they knew Him. That is scary. And if you do not tremble at that, you sir, madam… have far to go in not only the bowing of your head but the bowing of your life.

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Systematic Theology

Yes, salvation is free. But it is precise. And yes, narrow is the gate and few go there. And yes, a characteristic of the nature of God, as revealed through the pages of the Bible, He limits Himself.

All-powerful… but He limits Himself.

He first limits Himself by revealing Himself exclusively through, and in a people: Israel. Twelve tribes. Then within those tribes, He limits Himself further to a single tribe: Juda. Then among that tribe, a single man: King David. Then in that single limitation, he physically reveals Himself in the likeness of sinful man. He creates himself in the womb of a virgin. It had to be a virgin. There could be no curse of sin.

This is called the doctrine of Kenosis.

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The infinite God of the universe has limited Himself. And this is where all other religions fall away. Now… so beautifully, God must be able to preserve this revelation, and He has done this in pages of many books, by that one person. That one family.

Have you ever just given yourself over to questions. It is a great exercise in logic. I mean… if God is so powerful… why doesn’t He just make it so. Why doesn’t He make it easy to believe by showing Himself to us? Why doesn’t he just save us all?

How incredibly boring would that be?

This is where the glorification of Jesus Christ, that primary purpose of God…. that every knee show bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. King. Almighty God. This is the reason. This is the purpose. God could’ve put the Tree of “the knowledge of good and evil.” that tree could’ve been planet where we could not get to it. But it was in the garden. Why? Because the glorification of Jesus Christ, is the primary purpose of God…. This is the reason. For everything.

It is such a strange and wondrous thing to me. The eternal Father limited Himself by being created in the likeness of sinful man. The anticipation for the virgin with child. Again, it had to be a virgin. There could be no earthly father because, as we are told in Genesis, “Things reproduce after there own kind. Eve may bear the stigma of original sin. But, Adam is through whom the curse of sin is passed. The man.

The climax of the story. The virgin birth. The coming of the ultimate hero to a people who would not except Him. A classic tragedy. Do you realize… Tragodia (greek for tragedy) actually a goat song. The sad sorrowful song. Wo – is me.

The crucifixion, the life of sorrow. The best selling Gothic novel. And devine truth all at once. And it is through the written word we become conformed to the image of Christ. Renewing our minds, back to that perfect relationship hat in the garden. We can have it again.

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2 thoughts on “GOD WINS! And tragedy.

  1. This is beautiful ! So question: my brother says Mother Mary.was sinless and thus divine, the immaculately conception. This is why they glorify her. So any virgin is sinless? Could you explain this for me? Thank you!

    1. Hey, thanks for the question. The bible does notteach that she was sinless, or divine. The virgin birth is showing us that the sin nature transmutes through the man.

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