Listen Up if you want to live…

Listen Up if you want to live…

Things are about to get really bad for you. The Lord God is about to squeeze the breath from your lungs. If you listen to me you will live. Oh, and don’t forget to get ready. Your life is about to be turned upside down.

me 1990
1990 Boston, river walk. Photo by Amy.

It was Christmas night. Boston. 1990, maybe twelve a.m….. probably hadn’t even turned twenty-one. I lived 1 block from Berkley, I may have been the only person not a student in this huge, old apartment complex. For blocks, nothing. And no one. A ghost town. And all’s I know, As I entered the code for the door, that’s when I felt the poke in my back. “If you turn around I’m gonna blow yo’ mothe’ fu@#in’ head off.”


The man’s mouth is close to my ear. Though he speaks low, his voice echoes “Give us yo’ fu@#in’ money.” He’s with another man.

Starting to turn, I hear a click and pressure against my lower ribs.

He’s louder now. “Are you fu@#in’ crazy.” Pushing harder is boday against mine, he speaks through his teeth. “Give me your money.”

Then I felt my testicles rise up into my stomach… I am not joking. And the pitch of my voice raised and I was shaking. “I don’t have any money.” It was true… I’d just spent my last five dollars on a bag of Brach’s caramels.

The other guy took my wallet.

“Come on, man. Don’t take my wallet. I told you I don’t have any money.”

I’m not kidding, I said it.

The man holding the gun, he slaps me in the head with his free and says, “What’d you fu@#in’ say?”

I held my breath.


Those who say they are not afraid to die… I don’t take them serious. Anyway… I didn’t piss on myself.

To jump to the ending… these two men, holding me up / mugging me… finding I had nothing of value, throwing my wallet at me, the one holding the gun to my back pushes me away saying, “Man, you ain’t sh@t.”

And can you it… that low-life-mothe’-yucke’ took my bag of Brach’s.

“Man, you ain’t sh#t.”

That first hold-up – yeah, there were others – was the beginning of a slew of brushes with death. And things I’ve seen… it takes a lot to shake me. And I’ll tell ya right now… any person not afraid of what is coming is a damn fool. This message is for the ones not afraid for your children and grand children. This message is for that the men and women who fell for the lie.

Things are about to get really bad for you. The Lord God is about to squeeze the breath from your lungs. If you listen to me you will live.

“What did you say say muthe’ fu@#e’. I will bus’ a cap in yo’ ass so mothe’ fu@#in’ fast,”

Does that offend you? ‘Cause if it does… you need to play it over, and over, in your head. It’s what you’re gonna hear. And it might be in a foreign language. They’ll be screaming this in your ear as they heard you onto that box -car. Or as you watch like the coward you are as your friends and family are carted off.

Okay… you will be getting the virus. You will have to survive that to make it through all the other terror coming your way, and you’ll need to protect your family. The vaccine is not going to help you. COVID-20 will be out in just a few. Then in Feb. COVID 21.

I’ve had the virus. Do what I am going to tell you and you’ll have a greater chance of living. And trust me… you do not want to go to the hospital. I’m not a medical doctor, so see medical attention if you feel it is necessary. If you are put on a ventilator… we’ll see you on the other side.

Here is my advice if you get sick with the virus.


[If you lie down you will di3] – you laid down and lost your country. Now, if you lay down you’ll di3.

[Always sit up. Sleep siting up.] – you failed to remain aware of what was going on right under your nose. Now, if you do not sleep sitting up, if you lie down… you will stay there. And you will di3.

[Whatever you do, do not wear a m@$k while you are sick..] you’ll need oxygen. The m@$k is a symbol of your fear. It is the trigger that keeps the hypnosis working. You wore it in your car. AT the beach. AT church. In the pulpit. Now, however… if you put it on while you are sick, it will k1ll you.
Am I a doctor? Yes. A metaphysician. A “Soul Doctor”.

The next thing you must do to live. Live on this earth and live in eternity with the Lord Jesus Christ, is humble yourself before him. Confess your blind faith in a world system that has controlled your life. You, me, we… us are gluttonous in this world. You are over-weight and diabetic. You have all the illnesses associated with a lifestyle rooted in Egypt.

If you get the virus… flood your system with Vitamin C.

For your COUGH…

Saran-wrap slices of unions to the bottoms of your feet. You will stop coughing. You’ll never buy cough syrup again.

Have a good day!

Oh, and don’t forget to get ready. Your life is about to be turned upside down.

Good day.


7 thoughts on “Listen Up if you want to live…

  1. relief from edema of the lungs, take vitamin C+ powder table spoon every 6 hr for within 24 hour period

  2. relief from edema of the lungs, take vitamin C+ powder table spoon every 6 hr for within 24 hour period
    Dr Shiva

  3. Stephen had it 3 times. He said you are right he sat up in his chair 3 weeks.
    That was one month b4 it was even a item. Noone heard of it yet…lies. they dressed in universal procations swabbed him no meds.yeah.
    Stay up drink lots of liquids.
    Sending love and prayers.

  4. Had it. Used black cumin oil (repairs DNA), black elderberry (stimulates immune system), turmeric with piperidine (decreases inflammation), colloidal silver (kills viruses, bacteria, and fungus), B Complex, Multivitamin, and zinc. Was having difficulty breathing and felt like I was being hit with a bat. Also used Ibuprophen, 800mg 3 x a day for high temp. Took others together every 4 to 6 hours (two tablets of each, 4 sprays of colloidal silver into the mouth). Started feeling better just one hour after first dose. It lasted 5 days, but I felt really tired for a month. If I hadn’t already researched this virus and had these items on hand, I believe I would have been hospitalized and put on a ventilator – it was that bad. If you’re on a ventilator for more than a few days, your chances of survival are 20%. (Retired Family Nurse Practitioner here who worked ER and ICU). Just prepare your medicine cabinet! You’ll know when you need it. If you don’t notice improvement within a relatively short time or if symptoms progress rapidly, you’ll unfortunately be at their mercy. This covid flu comes on rapidly. Act rapidly so you are not at their mercy. God Bless all of you!

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