11 Signs you are a Chronic manipulator

11 Signs you are a Chronic manipulator

Have you been accused of manipulating people? You say, “No way. I’m not manipulating anybody.” Well, let’s find out, shall we?

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The art of manipulation. What about gaslighting manipulation? Or, covert manipulation. Or, have you heard of, emotional manipulation? Sure you have. Or, child manipulation. Using kids to get you to do something you ordinarily wouldn’t do. Always know, it is about manipulation and control. It is the feeling of power.

‘Cause no matter how you slice it, or what you call it… it is the manipulation of the mind. And it comes from narcissism and is manipulation.

What are the signs of manipulative behavior in relationships? Have a manipulative boyfriend, Girlfriend, wife, husband, or friend? Maybe you’re in a situation with someone, and you’re feeling like… maybe they’re getting a tad too pushy.

Or maybe you’ve been told you’re a manipulative B@#$H. Well, let’s look into it.

So, to stick to our policy of letting the words do their work… this article is not in response to any overbearing manipulating going on right now. And we are accusing no one, nor is there a right, or wrong, answer to these questions. We’ll let your conscience do our work for us.

Manipulation abuse is very real. What is crazy, the phrase: “narcissist and gaslighting” is a popular search phrase.

Okay… here we go.


11 things you do, or don’t do, that are sure signs you are a chronic manipulator.

In fact, let’s keep score.

Behold… the manipulative narcissist. The manipulative partner. so… what exactly are the signs of manipulative behavior.

  1. Go to a mirror… take a long look… if you’ve got items on, that were bought by someone else, that weren’t gifts for special occasions… I’d say there is a good chance you are a chronic manipulator.

Let’s start taking score. None of these count, if you are married. Unless the value of the item is over $100. Ha, ha… for every item it’s a point.

2. If you spell DATE, F.R.E.E. you might very well be a chronic manipulator. One point.

3. If someone else’s debit card is currently in your wallet.. give yourself a point.

4. Give yourself a point if you’ve broken rules to insure you got what you wanted.

5. A person that uses guilt to get what they want… like guilt tripping… they are 400% a Chronic manipulator. If you do this… give yourself 4 points.


6. A very manipulative person will seek to undermine another person’s confidence. This is a strong proponent in Gaslighting. If you do this, give yourself, 5 points. This one is especially evil.

7. A manipulative person will rarely accept the blame, and will definitely attempt to put the blame on the target. If you’ve done this, give yourself 2 points.

8. A manipulative person, will not take no for an answer. They tend to get angrier the longer the target does not relent. 1 pnt.

9. Boundaries are always challenged, despite being told, or refused, multiple times. 1 pnt.

10. Manipulative People Will Often Change The Subject. 1 pnt.

11. Manipulative people rationalize their behavior. 2 pnts.

So, what is your score.


So, what’s your score? I’d say a good margin of error would be a score of 5, anything above that would determine the intensity level of what your manipulative influence is.

Five would mean you are less likely a chronic manipulator. We all have manipulated. The question is… how much and do we stop.?

If you’ve run out of fingers… you/ or the person you are involved with, they are manipulative people. And you have to ask, do you want them in your life or not?. I’m not talking about marriage… just pray for the grace to tolerate the childishness. Manipulation happens in marriage and a lot of the times many of us are guilty of it.

Think about these things. Keep yourself from them is all too common. It is a sin. But, it doesn’t add up to divorce. I know it can be severe… so. Pray. Pray, a lot.

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2 thoughts on “11 Signs you are a Chronic manipulator

  1. I know you manipulators are out there. I know you think: “what harm is it, I get what I want, no big deal.” Well it is a big deal. You have no Idea the harm you are doing to someone else, and many of you don’t care. Seeing and living with the results of it every day I see how debilitating it is, the constant doubts, worry, feelings of inadequacy. you question every decision you make, still today, even though the manipulator is long gone.
    Consider this, who in the bible is the master manipulator? it was not Jesus! Not the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. God waits patently for His sons to come to Him. No, you know who it is! Do you really want to be like him?

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