Mississippi – Sleep Swimming Ch. 2

Mississippi – Sleep Swimming Ch. 2

Spoiler alert! If you did not read chapter 1, please click the cover to your left, right there. Im going to discuss a few things about chapter 1 before we begin chapter 2.

I don’t want to spoil it for your.

Turn back now! Here we go…

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In chapter one, Tyrell Jones, a black man, was being chased by men with dogs. He was seduced by his bosses daughter… who was white. He refused her, and walked out. That was on a Saturday. Monday morning when he showed up for work, a foreman told him he needed to run. The bosses daughter evidently told the authorities Tyrell tried to rape her.

In chapter two we are introduced to the main character, Lucius Krum. And now…

Chapter 2 of Mississippi – Sleep Swimming.

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One thought on “Mississippi – Sleep Swimming Ch. 2

  1. I remeber being young and in love. Did it all wrong but God’s grace and his continued work killing the old man off is getting easier every day 😁

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