Panic in DC! Steve Bannon arrested for “Build The Wall Fund” fraud. “Trust the plan.”

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Arrests are coming! Trust the Plan. Patriots are in control. Panic in DC. If you think this is what it looks like to panic you are as out of touch as those who kneel to BLM.

How many men, associated with Trump, have now been arrested. Unbelievable.

Folks if you think Patriots are in control… you’ve got a low view of patriotism. If you believe it is okay to destroy the lives, and fortunes, of multiple men in order to do what could be done with a well-trained militia in 10 minutes, you have given up and have lost your way.

Hoax after Hoax.

These people will stop at nothing to destroy Trump. And that includes use you to do it.

I’ve seen Potus’ responses to Qanon questions… in the beginning and now at the end. In the beginning, asked if he were Q, he said, “They’re great people.” Of course, he did, he’s a businessman, he knows how to use the generic response. I see him now… what you people are thinking is secrecy is: embarrassment.

You think being banned is a sign that you are on to something. No, it’s a sign that 1. You have no idea how to run a military operation. 2. You are making the president look really stupid. There is a better way. In a real military operation, you would not attack people on social media – to the point of harassment – then arrest them. And 3. You do not have the public tell these people what they are guilty of before you arrest them. I mean do you understand innocent until proven guilty and “due-process””. No, you don’t. ‘Cause if you did, you’d realize, how the movement is run destroys due-process. ANd that’s 3rd world.

The Qanon movement has created – and highlights – many people that are guilty of the evilest kind of harassment on social media and the most gullible.

And, what’s absolutely crazy… Qanon followers manifest indications of mind control. They use the same language and phrases, even when they attack. Look at this post to/ about me.

The tip off here is “clown”.

Yet, I go to the man’s profile page and this was posted five hours earlier.

I guess I was shocked. It’s definitely cringe-worthy. We were saying that stuff three years ago. And they are still saying it. It was at this press conference when POTUS was asked about Qanon groups and social media. He didn’t say a word. Didn’t make some secret sign in the air. He would not acknowledge it. He is a businessman… read The Art Of The Deal… if it was good for him, he would have used it. But he didn’t. He wanted nothing to do with it.

And I know… believe me, I get it, “Qanon is a top-secret military operation.” You see… it’s right there. Think about how the law works. The very fact that it is not secret, is the issue. You hear today that Stave Bannon is arrested. You didn’t hear he was going to be, you heard he was. You don’t think Q would tip off those guilty of the most heinous crimes, do you? But that is exactly what happens.

Qanon is not helping, it is hurting. And I am sorry if you can’t see that. You, the followers of Qanan – some not all – get info of deep state operatives, then race to twitter and facebook and attack that person regarding what Q wrote. And you call yourselves Citizen Journalist. No, you are no journalist. You don’t even understand the law. Sara Carter is a journalist.

I’ve been so far up the rear-end of the Qanon movement, and believe me… there was only one thing I found up there. But, hey… I know… why take my word for it. I only had direct contact with the people in that movement follow. Why would I be able to make any kind of educated or sound judgment about people I talked too, sometime several times a day? If I were in the gov. I’d be called a whistle-blower, but because it’s about something you like, I’m a clown or sell out.

Still blows me away. As long as I read SB2 and Qanon, I made $20k a month. When I am presented with profiting from a lie and I make a decision knowing what it will cost me… I’m called a sell out.

Open your eyes. Get out of the echo chamber. If you are a Christian, understand God’s way is very different than man’s way.

We’ll be discussing this in tonight’s show live 8pm CST, Click the video below.

1 thought on “Panic in DC! Steve Bannon arrested for “Build The Wall Fund” fraud. “Trust the plan.””

  1. Nail on the head Shawn!
    Truth is people are so worried about what
    GOD ALMIGHTY Says! They don’t read Gods
    Word but never Miss a Q drop .. So Sad!!
    Gods Judgment is Here, more to come & Jesus is Coming Soon. Yet ppl are distracted by Q?!
    So very Sad! GOD FIRST ..
    God Bless You my friend

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