Panic & The Memory Function

Panic & The Memory Function

I love the memories function of FaceBook! You need to know that it is the one part of the design to remind you of your mortality. That you are losing time, And you will die. Lovely, aren’t I. But, at the same time… it is a good thing. For the Bible itself servers the same purpose, and in that same role.

I love the memories function of FaceBook! You need to know that it is the one part of the design to remind you of your mortality. That you are losing time, And you will die. Lovely, aren’t I. But, at the same time… it is a good thing. For the Bible itself serves the same purpose, and in that same role. To remind us that our days are numbered, and if we but abide by the laws of the land, people will find us boring, leave us alone, and that is how we will prolong our days.

The Bible tells us these things.

Even promises them.

And all around those promises there is disobedience and death. Yes, the message of the Bible is “Obey my word and live” and… “Disobey my word, and die.”

Over and over, throughout the Bible, God demonstrates how His own children have wanted to live according to all He’d commanded in order to have a relationship with Him.

And over and over, the Father demonstrated, to some of the worst kinds of people, that He loved them… as a Father, and nothing they could do would separate them from that relationship.

You know what’s crazy?

If you understand that God creates in us the capacity to – through His Holy Spirit – the capacity to recreate ourselves…

…God’s mercy is new every morning. Make Him the object of your affections. Recommit your life today.

A new start. A do over. And another. And another. Always striving to be more like our Father Jesus Christ. Yes. Jesus is the Father. “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.”

Look at Is. 9:5-7… Isaiah writes about the coming reign of the Messiah. Take note of the words in blue.

“The zeal of the Lord…” The Father will glorify the Son.” But wait Shawn, you said Jesus was the Father.? Yeah, He is. Who can explain it? Not I. Not you. No one. The trinity is that great mystery everyone who tries to explain, fails.

You can’t say it is the same as the Spirit, Body, and Soul; of a single person. That would be incorrect. Because each member of the Trinity is / has their own personage.

When the anti-Christ comes, he and his cohorts will function in the same way as the trinity. He must counterfeit it, because he was very close to the God head, Ez. 28 tells us he was the cherub that covered the ark of the covenant. He covered the law.

The Lord is inviting us to rest from our labors. Lucifer wants you working to keep the law. Grace says seek the heart of the Lord. The law says, seek my own righteousness.

What it must be like to be this man.

The first thing a person wants to say is, “I can only imagine what the left is going to do with this.”

But the crazy thing is, we don’t have to imagine.

Who’d ever thought we’d live in a time when freedom of the press meant you could print anything you want.

Or that the 1st amendment would mean you could destroy America under the guise of peaceful protest.

Or that a trillion-dollar economy could be shut down for a virus that – at the time of this article – hasn’t even killed a million people in the entire world in ten months.

POTUS says that he will reach a peace agreement for Israel with all Arab countries. And… if he is successful? What then? You do know what that means, don’t you Christian? I mean what are you gonna do with that? I told you, the two witnesses the old and new testaments of the Bible could possibly declare who this man is. And some say it already has.

Isn’t it odd that the lines are being made absolutely clear.

But then there’s Vicky…. look at this next photo… I mean come on. If a person isn’t questioning where they stand with God… they might be brain dead.

Jer. 14:22… The question is, can an idol do anything. Can an idol control the weather?

  • Check it out: vs. 22. Is there any among the idols of the nations who give rain? The answer is NO.
  • Or can the heavens grant showers? Again, the answer should be NO. Listen to the implied double negative in the second half of this verse.
  • Is it not You, O Lord our God? The answer would be, “Yes it is. It most certainly is.”
  • Therefore we hope in you.

I mean… anyone who can’t see God Working right now is, how would we say… not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Who is this God inside you

Who is this God. The creator who inhabits the praise of His people. The God who judges the nations. The God who, being rich in mercy, demonstrated His justice, revealing His wrath.

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Wow… this just came out. I mean… crazy, crazy, crazy.

No christian dare say it. I mean…. what does this mean?

We were takin’ off guard. Possibly because we thought we’d’ve been raptured out of here, first. It is nothing to divide over, however… when the exegetical rules are followed, a pre-trib rapture is not ascertained.

It always amazes me… so many of us were taught the same thing. However, at this age, going back over what I was taught in comparison to what the Word of God says… it ain’t adding up.

Take, for example, the 144000 Jews. I was taught they were going to be on the earth, preaching the gospel. When the souls of the great multitude are seen in heaven.

Or that people would try to kill them but they would not be killed. It doesn’t say that, either. Some people believe they are the ones on the earth sharing the gospel while the church is gone…. that is if you take a pre-trib stance, And I dare say… if you hold that view, nowhere in the word of God will you find anything of the sort.

Do you understand, that our use of discovering parallel passages is not inspired, in fact very… wrong as it relates to the art and science of Hermeneutics. The only time a parallel passage can be used to establish a doctrinal precedence is if the verse, or book, uses the parallel passage.

What does all this mean. It means you need to start reading the Bible as you’d read any other Novel. Only in regard to method… not respect. Come on!

You gotta know and understand… we cannot fathom the financial level, life styles, and pomp… right there.

I mean what a time to be alive. Click play below. No, really! Do it!

So, who is this God who dwells in the hearts of people? The one who could end this in the twinkling of an eye and restart it just as fast.

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5 thoughts on “Panic & The Memory Function

  1. Shawn, thank you for beiing the firey, bold man He has created you to be. Not many unless you count the 2 I have found thus far have had the fortitude to say what you have. To point to obvious truths, yelling at us from the mountain top. You have endured ridicule & more from it, but be sure that the boldness of a lion will be rewarded by Father God, as you have cultivated your gifts & were not afraid, hiding them in the ground for fear of the master who requires much. May my God, Bless you & keep you, may He shine His face upon you and give you peace.

  2. Many years ago I met a Rabbi from Isreal which had brought over the stones for the High Priest Brestshield for the new Temple. He said there were many judges in Heaven that wrote the laws in Heaven. The were called the Sa’tans. Not a a sound but ah sound. He said they fell from Gods grace. We fight them everyday and would lose with out God’s mercy.
    Sa’taniel was a chieftain but not the fallen cherubim. Just a judge. The head judge which fell he said was Samael.
    Jesus stands between us and them. Our faith enables his power in our lives to do unimaginable things.
    Our homes body mind and soul should always be ready for him to enter physically mentally or spiritually. Focus on that perfection. Let Heaven deal with it’s own.

    1. So, that was you on Senator Cottons comments page? You know Im not busy trying to break down an old biblical belief system that has happened to a lot of christains. I was hanging out with Native Americans and the medicine wheel. Im alittle more liberal at seeking biblical truth. Im open to the supernatural side of the bible. But Im definately behind in my search and the church is already been taken over by the NWO religions. I do know who you are. I followed you through General Flynns fund raiser for the Psychic assault on his entire life. That Austin Steinhardt stuff is just not appealing to my discernment. He showed up at an inoperable time right at the headgate of COVID-19…. I am an anti-vaxxer. I dont want an injection of a bunch of beryllium…ok. I am peacefully protesting. I have refused the Mask, Although I dont actually live like im at a convenience store, im expeiencing the psychic subtleties of the counter attack, I have certainly recognized it and my spirit responds. I dont have a lot of income. They took that out when my son’s boots hit the ground in Afganistan 2010. Iv had a long recovery after loosing him to their suicidal assassinations on the Veterans. Then the bitches stole my grandaughter so I have no contact with her, but it dont hurt anyworse than it already dose….. ok, I dont know the Q++ language, I depend on others for that, but I am a 3% er for our Country, I am a President Trump and Team supporter 100%. I am a General Flynn supporter and anyone who is a part of Team Trump. But most of all I am a Abba Father and Mighty King Jesus believer and I do seek the Truth.

  3. This reminds me when Jesus of Nazareth prayed so hard he sweat drops of blood. When he realized the cup was not going to pass him by he became quite resolute. He took the enemy’s malice like a champ. No wonder the government is on his shoulders. No wonder he is called wonderful, counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting father, the prince of peace.

    Time for some of us to follow in His footsteps.

    Thank you, Shawn.

  4. “And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering;” (Daniel 9:27a NASB)
    The faithful will know and understand what we are watching start to unfold, and who is at the center of it all! Now is not the time to let your guard down, you have God, the Holy Spirit, in you. you will know what is your purpose, what God requires from you. Make sure you have your Armor on!

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