Pense lost to Kamala the witch.

Pense lost to Kamala the witch.

Most people will say, “No he didn’t.” Without ever reading the article. These are the ignorant ones.

First. This just in.

And you know who they’re gonna blame for it.

Now to the Debate…

You gotta understand… me claiming Pence lost is not siding with democrats.

We’ve got to be more intelligent than them. And keep our emotions out of it.

What is the purpose of the presidential debate?

Did you get that?

A leaders’ debate or presidential debate is a public debate held during a general election campaign, where the candidates expose their political opinions and public policy proposals, and criticism of them, to potential voters.

So, believing that a candidate won a debate, just because they said all that was needed to make the viewer agree, or, in this case, Pence was talking to us… but we’ve already decided.


A moment to educate the world why Biden should not be elected was lost to the lies the Witch told. Pence didn’t fight back. Her target for conversion was undecided African Americans. Her target to energize… her base. Biden’s base. African Americas. Black people.

If it were a football game, many times she had the ball and just ran for the touchdown.

He could have cited what she said to Joe in the last debate she had with him. “I was the little Girl.”

And she did it.

You people say Pence won because he spoke the truth and the witch lied. Since when have these people ever got ahead by telling the truth? How do you think Biden stayed in politics for 45 years. The witch was talking to the people who want a liberal in office. That is how they get their EBT at one level… all the way up to the upper class.

Lying is not breaking the rules, or the purpose for the debate. Fact checkers check later. But do you really believe those who do not watch the news will be watching the fact checkers?

A friend mentioned the election. In a response I wrote…


Pence’s loss will not impact the election. But the debates are not for the decideds… but the undecideds.

Her target was black undecideds… and she won-them.

These people do not know what we know. They don’t watch the news.

They wear masks in their car.

Look up what the purpose of a presidential debate is. Then take yourself out of it so you can judge it properly. Look at who doubled back and then never got to the answers.

Look at who completely failed to answer the mods question.

It doesn’t matter who lied. It doesn’t matter how rude anyone was. It only matters because they appealed to the undecideds. When Pense was saying she was the most liberal… the undecideds want a liberal. Pense was endorsing her.

Do you understand me… PENSE WAS ENDORSING HER to these people.

He needed to address the why rather than the what. Those people have no idea what he was talking about.

She commanded the debate… even had the moderator do as she wanted. It doesn’t matter what we think about it. These people hate Trump so much, they’re just glad someone is standing up to the monster the media created. This is why Republicans always lose in debates. It doesn’t mean anything sometimes. Always talking to their own base.

Now the real question is… why did they lose? They have all the info we do on Biden and the Witch. So… why not use it? Remember how he was with Tim Caine? Pence threw this.

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