Please consider what is at stake.

Please consider what is at stake.

How hungry are you for justice and freedom? And what are you willing to do about it?

Our country was taken from us And there is only one way to take it back. Adhere to the constitution. The founding document of the former United States of America. To restore America, we must rebuild it from scratch. Most people would say it has to be torn down to be rebuilt. That is wrong. Illegal. And a way to get a lot of people killed.

Old ways have not worked.

The National Civilian Security Force would secure it first – then rebuild within the tyrannical system

Block by block. Street by street.

No meetings. No drills Just a commitment to engage domestic enemies if called upon.

“So how will the decision be made to engage, in a Nation Wide Force?”

That’s easy. Leaders will be made organically. The “firsts” to come in. The ones who agree with our core objectives, methods for obtaining those objectives, and core values.

“What is it that you want? Can we see your core values? And your core objectives?


What is it that you want?

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness according to a governing system as described and framed in the original constitution of the United States.


We want life with the right to live. To protect ourselves. To protect life.


Freedom. Not to do what we want, when we want. But the right, given by God, to be self-governing. To control ourselves. And having a fair and legal election is part of that. And that did not happen.

And the pursuit of Happiness

This should be obvious, but… in most cases, people do not understand this phrase And the pursuit of Happiness. The keyword in the phrase, that most miss, is the word And. For it is this word And, that ties the pursuit of happiness, to – and making it dependent upon – Life and Liberty.

Can we see your core values? And your core objectives?


Absolutely. A constitution can be purchased anywhere books are sold, and/ or found for free online.

“But… surely the constitution does not outline your core objective and value and how to obtain them.”

Oh, yes it does. Watch.

Why are we doing this? Why would we want to create a National Civilian Security Force? The answer is simple. Because they have, and are. Just like Hitler’s brown shirts article here. Look.

These are their ideas for new policing. The article was written in June. And some of these have already been put into law in some states. Time is running out.

So here is what they plan.


What’s absolutely crazy… the article these images were taken from was written in June of 2020. Already states are passing laws and implementing this right now.

This civilian force they are building – is what will be needed to control the lockdown. Servicemen are not going to fire upon the American people. But, brainwashed liberals will.

This classic. Community mediators will soon learn they need protection. Meaning, they are going to start concealing weapons. And only the roughest and toughest will make in their dispute force. And they’re gonna be coming into your house first to enforce the lock-down… second, they’ll be used to enforce a vaccine mandate.

You better listen to me. You better listen. They’ve already taken it from you. They now are emboldened. They know what they can do to you – right in your face – what they want, and you will do nothing.

Well… give us two years and we’ll do something. It will take two years from today if everyone that has said they wanted this, actually follows through.

A mobile crisis unit.? Look at this…

“One of the most promising alternatives to a police-centric model of social work is a program called Cahoots, a collaboration between local police and a community service called the White Bird Clinic that operates in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon. In these cities, police officers aren’t dispatched to handle every single 911 call. Instead, about 20 percent of calls — often those involving the homeless, addicted, intoxicated, or mentally ill — are routed to a separate team of specialists extensively trained in mental health counseling, social work, and crisis de-escalation.”

Yeah… un-armed crisis de-escalation. Johnny’s got a gun. And all you got is a social-worker badge.

And this…

“Cahoots responders don’t brandish weapons of any kind. They dress in black sweatshirts, listen to their police radios via earbuds, and purposefully speak in calm tones with inviting body language. Their role is closer to that of an EMT for social issues than a traditional police officer: They assess the situation, assist the individual as best they can, and then direct that individual to a higher level of care or service if needed. If the situation escalates, they can also call police in for backup, but that’s rare. In 2019, Cahoots received around 24,000 calls and had to call in police backup less than 1 percent of the time.”

You better listen to me.

Are you not convinced yet. When your neighbors start governing you… it’s over. Can you imagine a nation wide HOA.

If you are ready to take his country back, according to the constitution… please, in the comment below, please leave your contact info, specifically your email.

I’ll leave you with this.

Imagine a 3rd party that was built around the idea that their votes would be given to the Republican candidate, or not. And ya say, “Well Shawn, isn’t that what happens now, and a vote for a 3rd party is a win for the dems. Not if that 3rd party was built around a National Civilian Security Force in Every neighborhood. Just a plain ol’ Militia.

How hungry are you for justice and freedom? And what are you willing to do about it?

If you are interested please leave your info in the comments. That information will not be published. For more information, please watch the video below.

50 thoughts on “Please consider what is at stake.

  1. It has to start somewhere maybe i should cross the border, but how do i protect my family? I’m keen but need to think it through as well

    1. I am a married retired school teacher whatever I can do locked and loaded traveler hobby sewing making things for family God Country Family Friends TRUTH TRANSPERENCY JUSTICE FREEDOM FUTURE 🙏 ❤ TY

  2. Absolutely anything I need to!
    I’ll man a call center, stand with
    others locked & loaded, be a voice
    on the phone for those who need
    Support! Whatever I’m called on to
    do, I’ll do. I’ll also get a group of friends together who are ready, willing & won’t
    Stand Down!
    Whatever I can do to protect my kids
    & grandkids futures IM ALL ABOUT IT!
    I may be 60, (dang ok 61, gonna take
    a minute to remember that, Ha) but
    I’m no wall flower, a good shot & not afraid to stand up for & defend those I love!
    Prayed up & Ready For Service.
    Donna Gwin

    1. I was born ready raised by am marine and raised a marine life scout in the Boy Scouts and ready to serve my country . Not willing to stand by and watch our rights being taken away ,

  3. Very interested but not fully persuaded. Nothing wrong with my values. I come from a long line of Patriots back to 1655. Been a minister of the Gospel for 46 years. Committed to the Way of Jesus and non-violence, which includes self-defense against the violence and usurpations of the tyrannical or wicked. I have been praying for 2 years about reviving the Revolution’s “Committees of Safety” which could be easily adapted here. These emphasized local communication, advocacy, and aid along with regional coordination. Would like to speak further with you.

  4. I’m a Marine and my sword and spear are sharp and my shield is polished, my arrows are straight and true! I only regret I have only one life to give for my country! And I fear the terrible things I will have to do to protect my country, family and my life!

    1. We all share your fears but there can be no doubt that we are on God’s side this time around.

  5. The single greatest advancement of humanity is and will always be The Constitution, and it MUST be preserved! Live Free or Die, no compromise.

  6. Don’t know what your asking,I followed you on fb now on yt,I’m here and didn’t know what to put in website box? I am not feeling well about the bs,going on in our country.I love Jesus and I love America.I know our rights are being trampled on, and this has got to stop. I believe we need to protect ourselves.

  7. I’m all in. Been waiting for something with a realistic idea. So frustrating to watch everything that has transpired over the last decade or so and not really being able to do much about it. Being on a fixed budget I’m not able to donate monetarily but I’m definitely able to be physically involved.
    God bless you for getting this idea rolling.

  8. No one is coming to our rescue. I don’t see that there is anything to lose by signing up here. We have allowed ourselves to be put in a corner for which we have no choice other than to seriously band together. With just a little imagination and foresight, you can see it’s already lost unless we unite.

  9. Alaskan and former military op, prepper and Loyal American. When times get tuff and you need to do things that nobody wants to do or feels able to do >>>>> IM THAT GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I’m in. I’m Tom from Montana and I’m watching you right now. I’m in I will be the first Montanan on board!!! I am locked and loaded.

    1. Thank you, brother. Very important. Please excuse the harsh talk on youtube this morning…. but people need to hear the truth. You get it, most don’t.

  11. Here in Texas I am recruiting in my neighborhood I will let you know and the next two weeks how many recruits I have done it is very important for us to take back our country no matter what the cost I am willing and able

  12. Have seriously counted and recounted THE COST since 2009 understanding history and human behavior I AM IN!
    And have been for my entire life.
    “….Send Me, Lord….” Isaiah 6:8

  13. I am trying to contact the other members in Mississippi thank you I am talking to other members of my community everyday but I cannot control how other think or do I am doing as you ask of me

  14. Hi Shawn..Iam a Commander in my state but, I travel the country. Can I still do this. I meet people all over the country… Thank You and God Bless

  15. I want to let you know I heard that mailchimp disabled blocked and suspended their service to a conservative organization (i wish I could remember who it was) very recently. I heard this on National Fox radio News through a local Fox radio station. You need to have a back up plan for email delivery. Additionally, use cryptologic messages to members to help avoid censorship.

    God bless you.

    1. Yeah… it is what we have until we find something better. And it is free up to 2000 emails. So…

  16. Awaiting approval to join in on fb site. Veteran, retired healthcare surgical, able to follow orders. Wanting to take back what is ours. Already signed on for NCSF in NC. Good with database and spreadsheets.

    1. Done! We are in phase 1. When the 2 states that are left have a member in them. We move to phase 2. Right now we want to secure the assets in our neighborhoods. Find and meet your people. Stand by. Watch your email.

  17. I’m with You. I have 2 grand son’s and I want our Country back. Praying. Love you guys. Stay safe

  18. As of right now the capital is not only hearing but feeling the voice of the American people

  19. Anything clerical, phonework, and anything else I could help with. Fast learner as well as a team leader if needed. Sales, marketing and promotion is my background and everyone loves how I think out of the box!
    Oh, and I do just about every creative craft there is…

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