Q – The Plan & Textual Time Travel

Q – The Plan & Textual Time Travel

Of the 16k Q followers who were asked “What is the plan?” those who participated, 100% got the answer wrong.

What is the Plan? The answer: The…

Of the 16k Q followers who were asked “What is the plan?” those who participated, 100% got the answer wrong.

What is the Plan? The answer: The Systematic Destruction of The Old Guard. And you didn’t even know it. Oh, I know some will say, “Well… you know… drain the swamp.” Yeah… okay.

This was the 1st use of the phrase.

Notice the word Guard in the drop. All caps. GUARD. We are the American Liberty GUARD. And our objective is to return power to the people.


I appeal to those who remember… it was different.

Remember white squall?

The bell.

And what we all felt when Q said the pledge. It was different then.

We are the original Anons.

People, like that lady Sainted Anon (She is a heavy smoker. Her real name is Paula Blades. I bet that shocks ya… don’t it? She is SB2). Anyway, yeah… if you want to learn a lot… take a few forensics and investigation courses. Afterward, look up [ the serial brain two, brain scanner ]. Then apply what you learned in those college-level courses and you will be shocked. That is all I will say about that.


The jack-asses who attack me… I was closer than most. They followed after every Twitter account shared by Q . They took the bait. Not realizing they were kept busy while we created a loyal platoon in order to launch The American Liberty Guard. The fulfillment of [the plan]. Every post pointed us to that. But many took the bait of the rabbit-hole and set off, of their own free-will, far away from the real operation.

Something else Q said was to “use logic”.

In the art of thinking logical… rabbit holes are not good things. It is mental masturbation, and it tickles a fancy that lulls the subject into a kind of sheepish passivity.

The perversion of the original plan, actually helped the core to be formed in order to accomplish it.


The original Qanon communicated with us in two ways.

1st. To show us the bad actors, Q gave links to those who were trouble. If Q shared your Twitter handle… it wasn’t a good thing.

Then there is the second way. Private messages in the drops.

Many viewers called me Deac. And at that time, on August 30, 2018 almost 2 years before corona lock-down. He sends the message.

Deac / Deacon is greater than the kill box. He marked the msg as the deactivation of the corona satellite. It is this line – that has this strange feeling of a msg from the future.

[DEAC>KILLBOX] Deacon is greater than the kill box.

This message was located and seen for what it was, about the second week of the nationwide lock-down. Why?…. because of Corona. Look again…

I will never be in the kill-box.

Inspired by Todd Harris the new line of masks are totally-incredibly bad ass. Click on the link to support what we do. For access click on the picture.


5 thoughts on “Q – The Plan & Textual Time Travel

  1. Thank you Deacon
    GOD sent me to your 2 years ago or long. I think longer. You are the Wings of God over me for protection. I followed Q and Anons…The Bible says Know the enemy and trust NO man…
    I want to Thank You for who you are and all you do for us.
    I can’t say it enough. Thank You.

  2. Not sure if you will read this comment but I started listening to you 2 years ago on YouTube. YouTube then took you out of my feeds. I searched your label but found nothing and they pushed me to And We Know. This morning you were back into my feeds. What I’ve been hearing from people such as DB and others is defeat. I’m even hearing despair in AWK. I have been attacked from the IRS and the State department over nothing. I started noticing fees coming from banks where your checking account would be mixed up, numbers didn’t jive and insurance companies have been given the power to take your rights away from you by the state . I was kicked out of a store for refusing to put the idiotic mask above my nose. Look up the lung disease caused by cotton fibers that textile workers were susceptible to. They’re trying to enslave and kill us. Looking to fight back

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