The Real Constitution

The Real Constitution

Self-governance. What America wants, but will never have. Law and order is obtained with children who are trained to obey the law and be orderly. When that fails, the nation fails. It fails so bad in fact… it is destroyed.

Mirror time. Law and order is obtained with children who are trained to obey the law and be orderly. When that fails, the nation fails. It fails so bad in fact… it is destroyed.

The 10 commandments are not just to lead us to Christ… but, the conforming of humanity to his image. Christ is the perfect Teacher. The best teacher. And He is raising His children to obey Him. The constitution of the Kingdom of God. They are the laws of a Kingdom that worship God, ie. includes God. Not just any god, but the God of the Bible.

It is popular to say gentiles are not under the 10 commandments, per-say … but they are… if you understand that God’s law is God’s law. What was written on the tablets of stone, are the very same laws written on the hearts of Gentiles.

To say gentiles do instinctively what is written in the law… just means their conscience, screams “Don’t kill” or “Don’t steal.” And the hardest, “Love the Lord God with all of your heart, soul, and mind.”

It is not correct to say Gentiles are not held to the Law of Moses. Gentiles are not held to the penalties of the Law of Moses. The law is always there, judging. And the physical conduit this happens through is our conscience.

Again… Israel was a picture of every nation. Of every person. And God’s Word is the law of His Kingdom.

And in that Kingdom, there is really only one law. And that law is the law of LOVE. The one thing that connects heaven to earth. That overrides every law in the sense that it is the source of all laws. Think about it. In the Ten Commandments, the 1st five address man’s relationship with God. The second five addressed man’s relationship with other men. And they both start with LOVE. Love the Lord your God with all of your heart. And, Love your neighbor as yourself. This is why our Lord says the law and the prophets (i.e. the old testament) hang on these two laws. The source of His justice. The source of the resurrection… the all-powerful love of God. The Bible calls it a seed. Look at 1st Jn. 3:9

The Greek word for seed is sperma.

The Bible goes to great lengths to demonstrate how to recognize those people who do and do not, have this love inside them. If Christ is your Lord you have gained entrance into the kingdom… because a heart filled with His love is what is required to live in this kingdom.

This filling of Love comes only by His Spirit. A non-Christian is incapable of Loving this way. Or, with this kind of Love. They simply do not have it in them.

On the other hand, the Body of Christ, true believers… these people… they are the true self-governed because they do it by passively being governed by the love of Christ that compels them.

This is the love that belongs to Christ Himself, that He gives to you at the moment of conversion. This love is all about self-governance. What America wants, but will never have.

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The phrase found in Is. 9:6: “The Government will rest on his shoulders,” this means… people will govern themselves by God’s law, or face the natural consequences built into the creation. This is the wrath of God working as providence.

We’ve got to teach our children to be people who can control themselves and be good citizens. And that is exactly what will happen if you train them for life in the kingdom, using the constitution of God.

Constitution means the way a person conducts themselves. Using the Word of God… we train up citizens of the Kingdom. Look at verse 7 of Is. 9:6-7.

Deuteronomy 6… You’ve got to love the Lord with your very being. That being said… your Creator has the right to demand anything He wants of you. He has the right to judge however he sees fit. However, as we talked about how God has limited Himself in the last blog… this limiting of Himself is rooted in Love. It is how He as King, governs. Right now.

His love is what His government is founded upon.

The 10 commandments and the words and stories around them, is the law, or constitution of His government. This is what’s meant when Isaiah says: “The government will be on His shoulders.” Isaiah was not talking about the entire Gov. of the world, but the gov. of Israel. The gentiles. Then finally when He reigns from Jerusalem physically on the throne of His father David, when he completely restores His image in people and returns the earth to the garden of Eden.

Memorize scripture with your children. Constantly seeking to teach. Looking for, and creating teachable moments.

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The true government is on His shoulders. Governance, in the control, and shepherding of humanity.

Look at this… Is. 9:6 The long awaited King arrives.

And from the moment this child arrives…

The account of His linage is established for all time in the pages of the Bible. And because there is no end to the increase of His government, He forever reigns… for He is establishing this government. This happens from the moment the boy-King appears. Look at the words: From then on.

Remember as I’ve written before… the primary purpose of God is to glorify His Son. To make His Son known to the world. Look at the last line of verse 7 and notice the word zeal.

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The law should be engraved on our hearts. The Bible demonstrates true self-governance. Self-governance is God governance. Self-governance without God becomes slavery, no matter the Constitution. No matter who has the majority. This is what we are seeing in America and around the world today.

Israel was the divine demonstration of the Kingdom of God; wherein, he is the King. The solution for the world. Jesus Christ.

The gospel is not only the salvation of sinful people. But, it is hope for a society that conducts itself / governs itself, based on the bible. In God’s love. With God’s love. By God’s love. This is what America was intended to be.

When we train our children according to God’s Word… they can hear us. Because their minds have been transformed by the same Gospel that has transformed us. Meaning … we can now have a conversation. Now, where 2 or more are gathered becomes real within our family.

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7 thoughts on “The Real Constitution

  1. Wow! Beautiful beatiful blog. And…humbling words of the Lord.
    So correct. Noone loving the Lord desires to sin.
    I personally desire for his seed to grow in me daily.
    Thank you for a beautiful post.
    Susan Salyer

  2. What a powerful teaching!
    Thank you so much for spelling it out the way you have.
    May the LORD bless and keep you!

  3. Excellent work! The Holy Spirit is truly working through you.

    The only thing I would add to this is that the Law in flesh, written on human hearts, transcends the Law written in stone; it is the greater Law, for it is the Law we receive directly from God. This makes recognizing the Spirit, hearing the Spirit, and walking in the Spirit, imperative to the life of the true believer in Jesus Christ.

    “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.” (John 14:15 NASB)

    Love is the command of God. It is much easier for us to compare our lives to a ruler or a scale than to live a life of Godly Love.

    Looking at him, Jesus felt a love for him and said to him, “One thing you lack: go and sell all you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.” But at these words he was saddened, and he went away grieving, for he was one who owned much property. (Mark 10:21-22 NASB)

    why was the rich young ruler sad? because Jesus just showed him that it is not about keeping the law but about how he loves that is obedience to God. We are held to the higher standard. In order to obey Christ, we must love like Christ. To love like Christ, we must be enraptured in His Spirit!

  4. My grandparents raised me. Their was 50 yr generation gap. They were JFK Kennedy Democratic. I was 18 months old, I was in the living room on the floor, when it came over the TV President Kennedy had been shot, my grandmother startled me coming from the kitchen to the living room glanceing at the News Broadcast….. with a sound Iv never forgot. She came from Missouri, in a covered wagon, went through the Dust bowl, Depression era, a family of 12, one lost shortly after birth. Her father, my great grandfather only read the bible, planted by the almanac. They all Lived in a tent, with gunny sack floors, swept everday like a modern home until the farmhouse was completed. Nothing my grandmother did while growing up was done without careful thought. I saw her cry only two times until she grew much older; JFKs death I listened to her weep in the kitchen when she left the living room to return to tend to her business. Another time when she caught he hand in an old electric washer where the tub, separated from the cloths wringer. She scrubbed dads socks on a washboard before they went into the wash tub. His handkerchiefs were ironed., like all the rest of his clothes. She said to me in my smart ass days, when I my mouth got to smart-off age about her never using the word love. She said why do I need to tell you! I sew for you, wash your cloths, cook and clean, what more can I do for you? She tied my shoes until I was old enough to tell her…. let me do it?

    I did not get to raise my son like that! Our lives were so different than how I was raised in my early youth. Things changed quickly after President Kennedy died. The generations were altered expeditingly through education, and destruction of the family tree.


    How the Constitution was setup to rule out slavery.
    How the CDC. Stretching its powers.
    Policing and peoples actions.
    Riot’s … Federal does havs jurisdiction of federal buildings and road blocks, National Guard.
    Federal Crimes /Terrorists Organizations vs State Government
    14th Amendment

  6. Sooo……thats about all I have to say about all of it other than I think this Country is gone. It will never come back like it once was. Our valuable time should be spent reading the Lords words and following his instructions for the days ahead.
    Thank you all and God Bless for listening

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