1. Mary Wood
    09/27/2018 @ 11:08 pm

    Shawn, Thank you for your biblical references in parallel with our lives. I love that. !!! Yes!!! Kavanaugh is a good man, just like you! 100% agree. It’s not a game. It is essential to the preservation of our Constitutional republic inspired by Providence! God Bless You for your love of our country!


    • Patrica Ballard
      10/29/2018 @ 10:25 am

      Brought tears to my eyes Shawn, people just don’t get it do they.. Ok here comes the big tears. πŸ˜“ So on hit fir our lives.. They tried to ruin him!! May God be with us all πŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈπŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ the world’s watching and we can’t let them down, we can’t let our selves down!!πŸ’•πŸ’•


  2. Eric Hyer
    09/27/2018 @ 11:58 pm

    Thank you. You brought a lot of good people together. Please keep the pressure you must feel under control best you can. We don’t want you to check out on us. God’s Love.


  3. Charlotte Richardson
    09/28/2018 @ 12:43 am

    Learning how to do E-mails … Love your work ! My “care giver” takes care of all E-mails sent to me


  4. Nick Ryall
    09/28/2018 @ 2:48 am

    Than you for your insights Shawn, You are correct about magic and words , why do we we use the word SPELL when writing words? words are powerful


  5. Viola K. Bullock
    09/28/2018 @ 6:33 am

    No they are history.


  6. Phyllis Betz
    09/28/2018 @ 7:43 am

    I caught the end of an HGTV ad with David Bromstad he was all decked out in free mason/illuminate. That was a major eye opener. Thank you to all who helped me understand this culture and what to look for.


  7. Valerie
    09/28/2018 @ 11:34 am

    Yesterday the lord had me fast and pray in spirit and english all day i did not subject myself to the “show” because i wanted to keep what the lord said about it in my spirit. I felt his grief all day. But what the lord had me pray was just what you were saying, i spent day praying a good deal against witchcraft, satanism, spells, rebellion destruction an violence. I kept praying it be pushed back and cut off the lord had also put sen. Snow and sen murcoski on my heart to pray for and was greatly blessed to c Q mention fienstien and murcoski it was my witness all i prayed was from the lord. Q and trump are the hand of the lord and it is an incredible incredible mercy of god to rise up and help us. To him be the glory. And my dear shawn i hav a wierd disease causing much pain in my legs knees/body and i found something that really helped called, optivita, u can purchase the starter kit on jim bakker website it is made from hemp one is the oil u take internally and the other is lotion u put on externally o my lord what instant relief of pain like a miracle. The internal oul really did wonderful things it stopped a constant heart palpataion i had more energy than ive had for years and lessened my all over constant body pain. The lord bless u and urs my dear.


  8. Ronald Henderson
    09/28/2018 @ 12:35 pm

    The senate hearings are at it again this morning 9-28-18. The evil and corruption continues, trust in the Lord God Almighty, lots of focus prayers for one another and stay strong. Thank you WAR DRUMMER for the insight you provide for all that will see and hear!
    Like Q says trust the plan.
    Patience is virtue.


    • Nathaniel Green
      10/11/2018 @ 12:20 am

      Thank you for seeking the Lord the ay you do. Please pray for me as I can sense I going through the greatest spiritual battle of my life at this time. We need a major break through to move from where we are . God bless you as you seek the Lord daily.


  9. Dave "bluewolf" Tauscher
    09/29/2018 @ 10:02 pm

    Sorry Shawn I tried my hardest to get my friend to deliver the computer I had promised to you. He unfortunately once again did not follow through on his promise to me. So I am ashamed to say I let you down and I am fully sorry for it.
    This is not the first time but I just wont trust his word again. I am so sorry my friend. I know about your pain. I have arthritis in my back from psoriasis , two fractured vertebrae, 4 herniated disks, 4 dehydrated disks, spinal stenosis (sp) and scoliosis. Along with the pain from my cancer treatment 3 years ago. I don’t know why he saved me until today. Antfia and a friend who lives near some MS13 in the area where I live just told me that “MS is planning or prepping for the killing of US senators and other red politicians”.
    I will protect my family and my Christian brothers and sisters who do not know how. Marine corp ( until they found out I was legally blind without my glasses) and work with contractors/security teams has taught me well. I am named after David in the Bible and my Mom said it was God who picked the name. Psalm 144 comes to mind sad to say but that has always been me. Protect those who cant or wont.
    I am preparing myself for what ever may happen and I from my visions and dreams dont believe how ugly this could get. Prayers is the only thing standing in the gap right now. Lets keep them up as it is needed more than most know or want to believe. Only my Spirit filled uncle understands and can confirm my visions as he has had them also.

    I just really went off on a tangent sorry. I just wanted to apologize for failing to deliver on my promise. If Mike does come through I will let you know when I will ship it to you after you feel safe in giving me your address or a drop address.

    Keep up the great work of God that you are doing. It is needed at a time like this.


  10. Rebecca McClellan
    09/29/2018 @ 11:06 pm

    Shawn, Thanks for reminding me that God has a plan for my good. The Holy Spirit guided me to this video because I needed to hear these VERY words tonight. I have been delaying a decision because it’s so painful to admit I allowed this exact scenario to happen to me. I blamed myself but now I know I trusted the wrong person to not hurt me again. I am ready to move forward and I am at peace with what I must do. I step out into my Future knowing God hears me and knows my needs before I ask.
    I enjoy our open conversations in The War Drummer chat room. There are many like minded people who have needed a place to converse. I’ve tried to be helpful to new folks because I recall how disturbing the info was at first. It’s been almost 10 months now. I thank God for His devine intervention and will continue to pray for POTUS, for you, and for all Patriots!
    May the peace of Christ be with you!
    I am your fellow Patriot,


  11. Candy Bergauer
    09/30/2018 @ 1:20 am

    Hi I’m enjoying the show. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts. Much love and kindness to you and your family


  12. Martha DiSarlo
    09/30/2018 @ 11:49 pm

    Shawn, I have been following your War Drummer and Serial Brain posts for a while and I want to thank you for your kind and patient voice that speaks so directly to the heart and calms and stills the mind and soul. It is a lonely, unprecedented time in America and the world and I view your voice to our souls as a gift from God. I wanted to say thank you. Your thoughtfulness towards all of us means more than you might realize.
    Martha DiSarlo


  13. Joanne
    10/06/2018 @ 7:10 am

    You are loved by more than you know brother. I appreciate your heartfelt work and your calling. Carry on!


  14. Molly Mosier
    10/07/2018 @ 8:17 pm

    Thank you.


  15. Michael Covey
    10/09/2018 @ 5:57 pm

    I enjoyed your Ephesians 6 talk. None of this is a game. Satan knows that his time is running short, so is pulling out the stops. Hate is running rampent towards everything that is good and right and of the truth of God’s Word.
    I know that I know that I know, that the God of Heaven, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is alive and real today, because He dramatically interviened into my life as a 1% outlaw biker and began speaking to me in clear, audible words. He told me what he was going to do. He told me what I needed to do. He gave me instructions along with promises and assurances, to take me out of that life to follow Him. I had to step on the path by faith, scared. I didn’t know where it would lead or what would happen along the way, or how long I would be on that path. I just knew that I could not turn away from the God of Creation, who was confronting me, even if it meant death. You don’t get out of those 1% organizations alive, unless God takes you.
    While on this path, at different times, the veil that divides our world from the spiritual realm, was lifted, and I was able to witness the spiritual warfare taking place for the battle for my soul. Satan displayed himself before me, trying to keep me from following Jesus Christ. God protected me.
    Best of all, Jesus came to me at critical periods during this time and spoke to me and said: Here I Am, and then saturated me to overwhelming with His Glorious and Holy Presence. He had complete control.
    The point that I want to make is, All of this that the War Drummer is sharing and helping to expose, is all part of this spiritual warfare that is being played out before our eyes. It’s the ultimate battle between good and evil. Pick your side. Get out of the middle ground. Get off the fence. Put on the Full Armor of God and go to battle. Get into Gods Word and carry your bible and use it against the enemy. The Armour of God will protect you. Know that God is there. Know that He gives His Angels charge over you! Do not be afraid! Go forward in faith, trusting God, no matter what anything looks like.
    Do not be afraid of the evil one! He has already been defeated! Always remember, nothing can or will happen to you without God’s knowing about it! For the evil one to hurt you, he has to have God’s permission first. This is how you see miracles happen!
    Pray! Everyday, pray for President Trump and his family. Pray for all of the good people in our government helping him to defeat this evil that has scorged our great country. Pray for their wisdom and protection. Pray for God to confuse the enemy and cause them to stumble and fall. Pray for their defeat. Finally, pray for our country, that God will make our country rightous and great again, with good and right and decent and moral values to show to the world that We the People worship the One True God of Heaven and there is none other!


  16. Rikki W Brock
    10/09/2018 @ 8:57 pm

    If you could put me and my children Katie Weesner and Raymond Brock in your prayer circle I would appreciate that very much. The more protective angels the better. Thank you πŸ™ Rikki Wells Brock


  17. Harry Muurling
    10/09/2018 @ 11:34 pm

    From Indonesia, thanks for informing us so well, I for told this already more then 10 years to my wife, she thought I was crazy but now she is worried because everything is unfolding right before her eyes.
    Keep up to fight against socialist and people who did become brainwashed by the elite, Yehushua will condemns them all.


  18. Joy Irvin
    10/11/2018 @ 10:38 am

    Ever wonder if so many of us Christians are allowed by God to suffer from various illnesses and disabilities that keep us from working so we can concentrate on the issues we presently face. I praise God I am available to learn of the battles going on in both the spiritual and physical realms. Praise His glorious Name for all of you who are watching and praying alongside me as this all unfolds. God bless The Wardrummer and SerialBrain and all others who further this cause!


  19. Barbara Zajicek
    10/19/2018 @ 5:28 am

    War Drummer you are mightily used by God. Your devotion to God and the the Word of God has been the turning point of me starting to turn back towards God. I turned against God when my 24 year old son hung himself on December 14, 2013.
    Life is just that….it’s life. It’s neither positive or negative, it just is. When things occur in my life that I might perceive and label as negative ….I can look back and see how the event changed me for the better and what valuable lesson I have learned.
    Roman’s 8:28 God works all things for the good of those who love him.
    So if the event has change and taught me lessons…who am I to say it was a negative experience. The growth in my life has only come through situations that caused severe pain and devastation.
    I have learned to embrace the pain..With God…ALL things are possible. Embrace it, Experience and learn from it, Let Go, Let God.
    This too shall pass.
    One of the other things I have learned to do while I am in the midst of painful experiences is to be about my Father’s business and be the vessel of love that God created me to be. I on purpose go and help others in the midst of my storm. Otherwise I will over think it and try to get in God’s way to provide the solution merely just to stop the pain. If I keep my mind occupied and be of service to others I am less likely to get in God’s way.
    It boils down to perception. I get to choose..do I want to be pitiful? Or do I want to be powerful?


  20. Ro
    10/19/2018 @ 11:39 pm

    God Bless you andThank you,


  21. Afifah Hamilton
    10/20/2018 @ 5:30 am

    Dear Sir,

    Arthritis can be resolved primarily by removing cereal grains (YES – AMAZING COINCIDENCE!!!) from your diet. By which I mean zero wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn and rice, and anything made from these. They are not human food. God is not pleased with them (read Cain and Abel). They are the originating disruptors in arthritis. Lots of research confirms this. So, remove them from your diet 100%, and instead bring in more real food, i.e. meat, fish, eggs, and in particular bone broth. It will provide the molecules required to restore your joints.

    Best of luck and keep up the good works!

    Thank you



  22. Linda Holka
    01/12/2019 @ 6:23 pm

    I am a women in my later 60’s.. I am a christian, I love GOD and my Lord a Savior Jesus Christ. I thank GOD for you and may he bless you continually, God speed brother.
    I was 12 yrs. old when President Kennedy was killed, it changed my life forever about America, I could not put my finger on it as (in the matrixxx) say in his intro. I am knew their was much evil in the world, but never was I aware of so much. I am thankful to all of you who have put so much hard work into these web sites, to make all ware of exactly what is going on everywhere. The whole world, it makes me sick to my stomach, that there is so much hatred. God is LOVE, and that is what I want to shine through me as a person, that GOD designed from His love for us. I pray that we keep our eyes on Jesus for he HE is coming again soon. I also pray while HE tarries, that all will be a better place to live in. I love President Trump, he is definitely, one who was chosen by GOD himself. God Bless President Trump, and al of us who stand strong in the Lord. WWG1WGAWW


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