Where have you been, Shawn?

Where have you been, Shawn?

I’ve been keeping a secret. Had too. There are many crooks in the world. For the last 20 plus years, I have been busy with something. Not another novel. And not another youtube show.

I’ve told you before, I died three times in 1996. It’s not easy dying. You don’t come back from something like that unscathed. Imagine three times.

So, if you haven’t guessed yet, I have some “dain bramage”. And that brain damage has brought me over 20 years of agony. My muscles won’t relax. Yeah, it sucks. I get muscle spasms in my entire body. My restless legs are so bad it feels like popping popcorn under my skin.

You see… over the last 20 plus years, I’ve been trying to find anything that would ease my spasms and leg issues. And I found something. In fact, I not only found something, I found the mother load.

Go to: getspasmfree.com or click on the picture.

We call it Spasm-Free. It comes in a powder form and capsule form. And it works. With the powder… all it takes is 1 tsp in a cup of hot water.

And the relief is almost immediate. No joke. And it 100% drug free.

It works immediately. I know, it’s too good to be true right?

Well, you can try it for free and find out for yourself.

Or the capsules… if taken 30 minutes before bed, you will sleep like a baby with no spasms or restless legs. It’s true. And you can try it before you buy it. We have to charge of shipping and handling, but you at least get to try it.

Pioneers in the field

We are not doctors. We are people who have suffered long enough. Why should a doctor be seen who’s just gonna write a prescription for something he has no real knowledge of himself.

For one: we believe doctors and scientists need to get back to basics. Because that’s what we did, and we found a solution that works.

Most of the universities and doctors will spend millions on looking for a cause and solution to restless leg syndrome. We’ve spent a fraction, and we’ve stopped it. We’ve identified a problem and corrected it. And no prescription is needed. In fact… the solution is in the air we breathe. Oxygen.

Muscles need oxygen to work.

Yes, oxygen. We believe RLS is caused by a lack of oxygen in the muscles of the legs. And just as a yawn is a nonvoluntary gulp of oxygen for the brain. Oxygen-deprived legs will also yawn, or gulp for oxygen. And we believe the results are restless legs.

I know, it’s quite a claim we are making. That doctors and big pharma are saying one thing and giving a solution that doesn’t work. And here comes little ol’ me… saying I have discovered the true cause of restless leg syndrome and that i can actually stop it for up to five hours at bedtime.

I get it, people come along saying they have a solution, you ty it, and it never works. Or it take time for it to work.

Restless leg syndrom
Go to: getspasmfree.com or click on the picture.

We are saying that we have found a solution that works. We are also saying, you can try it before you spend a lot of money on it. Do you want me to list all the things this miracle of a discovery does? Here. This is a small list of items this product is helping.

1. RLS. 2. Nocturnal leg cramps. 3. Urination flow. 4. Arthritis. 5. Tinnitus 6. Cole-sore (herpes) outbreak suppression. 7. Minor aches and pains. The list is long. I am not a doctor. I am not claiming to cure anything. This is only a management system.

Oxygen is a healer. Viruses do not fair well in oxygen. Remember that.

Discover oxygen, you’ll can now, not only be free of restless legs, you can become pain free in the process.

If you are on Facebook, join our group. If you are using Spasm-Free, please leave your results we love hearing about it. Here is the link: Restless Leg Syndrome Solutions.

You do not have to suffer any longer with those restless legs, or those horrible, absolutely terrible leg cramps. Go to: getspasmfree.com

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