Secret Psychology: Be 100% sure if they are lying.

Secret Psychology: Be 100% sure if they are lying.

Maybe, when you opened up your shop and counted the money… it was short. And you have a suspicion who’s been helping themselves. This is what you do…

How to Catch Good Liars.

Have you ever watched that show, “Lie to me?” That’s based on a real-life character you know.

What am I doing? The worst thing a magician can do is give away his secrets. And the same is true for every victor of every battle. And here I am telling my secrets in this new series: Secret Psychology. Not dark psychology. And not even Mind Control. Just a little tool to use when you need it.

My purpose is to give you an edge in life. And if you think this goes against what is taught in the Bible, I am not going to try and convince you otherwise. Please leave.


You’re still here? Good!

Now let’s get to work! I am going to show you incredible things about people, yourself, and the world. And now… for our 1st interactive premier episode of…

Be 100% sure they are lying.

Why would anyone want to know how to tell if someone is lying? As sleepy Joe would say, “C’mon man.” It should be pretty obvious. And I’m gonna teach you how to know 100% for sure… the person you are talking to is lying.

I parent with it. My children think that I am some crazy wise, mind-reading, Jedi knight. I do business with it. Okay, the 100% sure way.


Okay… here we go!

The 1st thing I want you to realize, and keep at the forefront of your mind is: lying takes an imagination. Think about it. When a person lies, they are making something up. They are using their imagination.

Learning The Tells

A Tell is something a person does – a hand or eye movement, tapping their foot. Biting their nails. Playing with their hair. Whatever… every person on earth will have Tells showing when they are using their imagination. So, how do you learn the Tells? Well, you need to practice at it. And how do you do that? I’m about to tell you. And this is crazy when you get it.

So, how do you practice? You go around asking people questions. Start with people you know. Questions that they must use their imagination. Not questions they can answer with facts… but opened. “If you could have a superpower, what would it be?”

If you stop there, they’ll give one answer and be done. You want to see them use their imagination. So after asking what superpower they’d have, ask “Why?”. Or, “What would you do with that power?” Again… what are you looking for? The tells. Now, here’s how you put it into action.


Maybe, when you opened up your shop and counted the money… it was short. And you have a suspicion who’s been helping themselves. When they come in the next day, start the friendly chit chat. Put them at ease. If they are guilty, they will be feeling it. You want them to loosen up.

Ask some wild questions… make sure it has nothing to do with money [per-se’] or stealing. “Hey Joe, if you could take a luxurious vacation, where would you go and how would you get there?” Then watch him.

What does his body do? His eyes. Hands. sometimes the tells may be very small.

Okay… you’ve seen a few. Now what? Do it again, and then one more time. A total of three times and look for the same tells. This is how you concretize your assumptions. Just like a science experiment. Then when you know the tells, you can’t just go in there and say, “Did you steal the money?” You need the person to interact with you.

You: “So, how’d closing go last night?” Watch him closely. What’s he doing as he answers, if he is lying, he will show the same Tells. Why? Because he’s using his imagination to give answers.

“Was the count short?” Oh, if he took that money, his mind is going to be so focused on creating the story. Watch him.

Make sure you do this several people. Pretty soon you’ll be able to spot the tells all the time in conversation.

WARNING: you must perform the techniques on several people in your office to narrow down the thief. Knowing that someone is lying is a very serious thing. To accuse someone of lying, or be called a liar is very serious.

Be very careful with this. You will know many things, about many people. Secret things. And that is not to be dealt with lightly. Soo, you’ll learn to forget about this during normal hours, and only pull it out when you need it.

But, know this, you can’t call out everyone for lying. Because everyone. Is. Doing it. Most of the time. You’ve heard it. “He’s lying sis.”

Most people live in a reality created by little white lies they tell themselves every day. You’ve heard the saying, “Perception is reality.”

Everyone’s life consists of Truths and half-truths. Half-truths do not exist as truth. But to the imagination… it is more about leaving out details that make it a lie, and half of the truthand this is how people – everyone – lives their lives. With ideas formed more on perception than the actual events themselves.

And if you don’t realize that I just gave you a deep secret regarding this, well…

You have to walk lightly… and this is your big stick. I ignore this stuff and only use it when I need it.

I believe a very serious thing happens inside of a person when they lie, or when bearing false witness.

So what is the essence of understanding this little, insignificant, but an earth-shattering bit of info they left out of home-ec… what is the detail that elevates awareness to superhuman status? It is the secret of the Tell.


The secret of the Tell.

A TELL is a physical movement that indicates, or “Tells”. Remember this. Everyone has a set of tells for every emotion that manifests outwardly. It starts in the mind, but it wants to come out. So it will come out in small ways as the person contains themselves.

The E in emotion is for energy… and yes that motion, is the energy moving.

Emotion is energy moving inside of a person. And the less control a person has over their emotions, the more smaller tells will occur before they act on their emotions. Grifters know this and tease emotions out of people.

When a person is lying, they are in the realm of imagination. They can’t control themselves. Or, it is harder for them. God has written on our hearts the command, “thou shalt not lie.” Lying activates condemnation. This creates emotion. And body parts will move. And this is true for all outwardly shown emotions.

Observe the people you are around the most. But, I would advise you to consider not using this on loved ones, maybe only in situations where needed. Like a child’s defiance.

Keep it light… do not let it become Dark Psychology. We are not playing I spy the lie.

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4 thoughts on “Secret Psychology: Be 100% sure if they are lying.

  1. My ex had a ‘tell’ .. he yawned
    Every Single Time before he
    Lied! No matter the context,
    Content or situation .. The Yawn
    Came Before The Lie!
    It was such a pattern it only
    took a couple times for me
    realize, the yawn, meant lie.

    Great Blog

  2. My ex and current do the fake yawn thing too!! Thanks Shawn this is very helpful information especially fighting theses demons in 2020

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