Someone needs this right now!

Somebody needs this, right now. “The world is not your friend. The god of this world wants to devour you. You can stop the condemning voices. Don’t take another pill. Stop giving yourself away? The time is now. Salvation is at the door. Judgment is with you. This is why you are doing this. You’ve felt it for a long time. Your conscience has been trying to get your attention but you have ignored it. You have turned to those pills when you hear it, to quieten it. You’ve lost everything, and now you are lost. You are afraid. Trying to accomplish something for which you are powerless. Let go and let God. I am here when you are ready. You can message me. I know your struggle. But the 1st step is to admit you need help. Without that humility, you will perish. It does not have to be this way. You are feeling the urge now to quieten the voice. The one trying to protect you and keep you safe and fulfilled. If you take that pill, sorrow will be waiting for you when it wears off and your conscience will condemn you even more. You CAN stop the condemnation and get clean.”

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