The 2 Witnesses of 2020

I always wondered why was God judging all these cities across the U.S. while sparing the South. Well, have you looked at the weather lately? Many alive have never seen weather like the weather in 2020.

Providence is the natural means by which God exercises His rule over the universe. He does this by using nature, nations, and individuals. Among theologs and Biblicists, it is understood, God employs the laws of nature in the outward affairs of man. Providence is sunny days, rainy days, storms, plagues, governments, riots, wars, car accidents, plane crashes, the lottery, every second, of every day, of every person’s existence, including miracles. Providence is operating without interruption and nothing can influence it. For at the very moment you try to affect it… your thoughts and actions… are part of providence.

Yesterday, 8-20-20 the world was made aware of Solar flares hitting the earth, or at least the tails were supposed to hit. And there warnings of world-wide rolling blackouts and electronic damage.

Most people, wrongly believe the media tries to keep us scared with all the horrible information. But, believe it or not… it isn’t that. They know how to get people to watch, read, and click. The solar storm is real. And it’s effects can be seen all over the world.

Solar storms can cause all kinds of havoc… even bad weather. Look at the picture below. It was taken yesterday, Thursday, 8-20-20. Six water spouts in the Gulf of Mexico.

Or what about the temperatures in Death Valey on Sunday?

you think 130 degrees is hot. Just two days later the temp was 134.

Most people, if they can’t see immediate destruction, they will not think anything of it and say it is “fake news” or just not true. Many Christians will say this as well. But, are we not to be the watchers on the wall.

You can easily see the destruction in China.

Broken Levees Trap Thousands in China Floods

I really can’t believe I didn’t see it. Year 2020. The year of perfect vision. When the world sees the pusher of the wind. The God behind chance and circumstance, ruling and judging the world in His providence from all eternity.

The prophet of God functioned as a kind of weatherman. We watch the weather to find out what our days will be like. So, we should turn to the words of God for the same. And oh, if we – collectively – would. But that is the problem, as demonstrated by and through the Word of God – no one seeks after God. Even after we are saved, the spirit is still weak.

Most of you have heard me say over and over that the nation of Israel was a type of two things. On an individual basis, Israel is a type of the church. But, more so… they are [the] type, the example, the demonstration… of God’s judgment on nations. And for us – as Christians – the scriptures are demonstrated consequences.

Demonstrated. Do you understand what I am saying? That God is demonstrating Himself to us. And He does it through His Word. God is a demonstrator. Romans 5:8 – But God demonstrates his own love for us in this While we were still sinners Christ died for us.

Remember, the old testament, the nation of Israel, the law, etc. etc. etc… Romans 5:8 is smack dab in the middle of the context of chapters 4 and 5 where Paul explains Israel’s role in the church and history. It was through Israel God demonstrated His love for us.

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Bottom line. God’s judgment is wrapped up in His providential care of the earth and it is done from all eternity. Think about it. The riots. The virus. What is happening in governments. The fires in Ca. The floods in china. All of it was predetermined.

Lift your eyes to the heavens, Christian. For your salvation is at hand. All of what you are seeing is the last birth pains before labor. (Mat. 24:8).

See you on the show tonight.

of birth pains.

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