The Illuminate. The Global-Hustle. White Devils. And the style of God.

The Illuminate. The Global-Hustle. White Devils. And the style of God.

Remember… Lucifer became Satan. Satan turns everything upside-down or backwards. Evil is live backwards. And if you LIVED wrongly in the past, LIVED was turned backwards and became DEVIL. “The devil made me do it.” Backwards living made you do it. or E-V-I-L

When the use of symbol and light is given authority through invocation… a thing is manifest. Until a person understands what that [thing] is… you will never understand the mechanisms – used to control you – in every aspect of your life. And before you can ever hope to understand it, you must realize you are a character in a story. God’s story. His story. History.

You are playing a role. And your role determines the ebb and flow of everyone’s realty around you. A great example of how this understanding was put into practical use was/is the Tic-Tok stock “Global Hustle”.


The “Global Hustle” was this… remember Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor? Well… a stock-retail platform is started… they call it Robin-hood. The creators of Robin Hood had a plan… use Tic Tok with millions of users to artificially inflate the stock market by buying and selling stocks on Que. Oh, you are not familiar with Tic Tok? That App our great president says is a national security threat… well this is one of the reasons. You can manipulate reality with it. The money making use of tic-tok is on a different level. And while you sit and watch it for hours and hours… your reality is being shifted to mirror what is shown to you on tic-tok.

And let me ask you this?

What if you did the same with the Bible?

What if you spent the same time you spend on tic tok, you-tube, or whatever platform you use now… what if you thought about God’s Word, wrote about God’s Word, studied God’s Word… more? Because if you want to see the story line of God’s book, and the character of the author, and your role in it… you are going to miss the entire purpose for your life here on earth, if you don’t abide in Him and abide in His Word.

And you say, “Well Shawn… then to miss it was my purpose.” Listen to yourself.

You speak of “IT” and missing “IT” in the same sentence… either logic escapes you, or you were created for wrath. What? Yeah. You… created for wrath. Written in the story as a bad guy, basically.

How can you live your life claiming to love God, but then not want Him continuously. Well… one thing is for sure, if you are like me and want more of Him, it is not because you are good, but precisely because you are bad. Bad to the bone. A bad-ass. Just… one who is declared righteous.

And also, if you are like me… you want to know who your enemy is and keep him in your sights.


Remember… Lucifer became Satan. Satan turns everything upside-down or backwards. Evil is live backwards. And if you LIVED wrongly in the past, LIVED was turned backwards and became DEVIL. “The d-e-v-i-l made me do it.” Backwards living made you do it. or E-V-I-L. These are western ideas… and not in the Bible.

I believe… because the west turned live into evil … we failed to understand sin. We could not understand that evil began 1st in the spiritual realm, then moved into the physical lives of Adam and Eve’s children… Us. The living that prevents our relationship with God. It is also interesting to note: the Hebrew word for Satan can also mean throw. As Lucifer was thrown from heaven.

War Drummer
We’re gonna be lookin’ back, on New years Eve.

English. The language of the WEST. The dominant language of the world. The language of commerce, trade and law. The language of the king. The language of the lion. The language of the anti-Christ.

How could the mechanics of a language lead to the fall of civilizations? Well… lets look at just exactly what exactly language is and it’s purpose. And I’m sure some of you are saying… what a worthless, time wasting topic. Oh, let everything that hath breath. praise Him… for if it were not for the death of the simpleton, there’d be no progression.

Look around you. Right now. Look around. Every single thing you see comes from communication and is communicating.

Communication. Language. From words, signs, signals, and style. To stop signs, stop lights, street lines, and traffic cops, to graffiti, fine art, pop art, hieroglyphs, and monoliths Everything is communicating. Everything has a language. Therefore… words are the force and source for all that is.

It is a fact agreed on by scholar and layman alike or between civilian or politician… English is one of the hardest languages to learn. Here’s why…


Here is why it is so hard. I love chocolate. I love my friend. I love my dog. I love Jesus. I love my wife. I make love to my wife. The sky is blue. The wind blew. You blew it. I’m feeling blue. You can also play the blues. You read books. You read the book yesterday. And roses are red. There are river reeds and instrument reeds. It is endless with this language.

But is our folly as a nation found in our language? Ask George Orwell.

We failed to understand the things that destroy us and are conquered by them.

Yes… Lucifer, Satan, and evil are in the Bible. But, you must realize, not only are we separated from the Biblical world by thousands of years… but we are separated by the understanding of a culture we cant imagine. Yes… you read it right. We cannot imagine an Arabian, nomadic culture’s literature written 2,000 to 10,000 years ago. And for which, no originals exist. However… there is a connection that can help us understand evil. Help us understand Lucifer. Help us understand Satan.

And some of you will reject the idea of understanding the prince of darkness. That is because you are weak and do not understand war and the benefits of knowing your enemy. Besides… if we weren’t supposed to understand who and what Lucifer is and where he came from, why would the Bible go into so much detail regarding his origins and character? Because as a Christian… he, and only he, is to be your true enemy. You are to know him so well… because every soul lost, is lost because of him.

So just as the anti-Christ counterfeits everything the Lord does… just as God created His world with words… Lucifer, the Devil, Satan… copies that and builds his world on words. And would you believe he does it with the language of the lion.


So… this language of the lion. This English language… where did it come from?

Well… as you start to dig, you read of Germanic languages that filtered down into to England. But, the problem is… you need to go back further. Lots further.

We’re talking as far back as the cradle of humanity. Language just like people came from somewhere. Like as far back as 2500 BC to the founding of Phoenicia and it’s people. Yeah… because there are legends of Phoenicians that were, and I quote, “…quaintly denominated in the same naïve language of Medieval England.”

In ancient times,  the Phoenicians were a people who occupied places such as Tyre, Byblos and Sidon in what today is modern Lebanon. I want you to focus on Tyre. Why? Remember Ezekiel 28? The king of Tyre? The story of how Lucifer was renamed Satan. This story is of one of the occasions that the entity formerly known as Lucifer is controlling the king of Tyre.

So.. the anti-Christ speaks English. He has the mouth of a lion. This means, we can trace his reign of power and destruction throughout history. Also, something you need to keep at the forefront of your mind… Phoenicians were primarily of Canaanitish stock. Descendants of Ham, Noah’s son that saw him naked and told his brothers. The son Noah cursed. Yeah… Canaan was Ham’s grandson.


You ever wonder where the nation of Islam came up with the idea of this “White Devil” stuff? It’s right there.

The language of the devil.

I mean this is fascinating. Look.

So… all of that to say, you are a character in the Epic story of God called Life. You’ve been given one life to live. And when you live wrongly, life is turned upside, or backwards and “Live” becomes “evil”. See how that works?

This is what you must understand… masonry, or building with stone, is at the heart of story telling, especially those of the epic kind. The crafting of a novel. The building of an entire world in which the reader finds themselves submerged, they even lose themselves in it. The Bible is this as well. But the most superior. The most divine.

This process of character and plot development… this is exactly what the left is doing. What those at the top of the preverbal “food chain”. Those we would call the “masters of the universe”. The “illumined ones”. The Illuminate.

At the root of this masonic epic drama – and yes that’s exactly what it is – is the struggle between good and evil.

God is a writer. A novelist. And he has a style… Opposites are the expression of the wrong. Of the sin. Yes, the Lord Jesus created it.

The entire construct of our universe is that of opposites. The moment Satan declared the five “I’s” in Ezekiel (14?) God’s plan became illustrating the antithetical nature of the two key players

Beliefs are like security blankets. As our lives are established on those beliefs… when anything different comes along, dissonance is created. Not only is it the time for chaos as the change is resisted… it is the time for signaling and triggering for the mind control of the sorcerer.

And when you judge people… you do exactly as they want. And the result is division and the empowerment of their political party,


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