The New Religious Zeal is the church’s failure.

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The new round of scare tactics has arrived. And the usual suspects are at it. news. Oh, my God… and yes I am calling out to Him… are there really people alive that read news. Yes, the same folks that watch msnbc. And that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. These demonic forces at work in our politicians are trying to destroy our history… and that’s not only by tearing down our icons, but terrorizing the elderly. They are the ones who do not know: not to use MSM, or watch CNN. They are trying to kill these people. Hey, remember when I said the clue given about this virus is hydroxyC was also used to treat lupus, which like the herpe virus reacts with stress. Before we discuss that, please check out ctfo at this link for your health. Please click on the banner. Let’s help each other become successful and be healthy at he same time. Please click on the banner below.

So, HydroxyC is used with lupis. Lupis like herpes can be triggered by stress. So let’s keep you as stressed out as possible. Make you think at any turn your dead, and they’re gonna keep the elders away from the young, so as the take over begins, they have no idea. And if hey do, they an’t stop it. They didn’t see it coming.

There is a natural law in our universe, just as real and potent as gravity, and just as illusive. And that is the law of History. And that is: Nothig can exist appart from it’s history. Remove its history, the matrial object, the people group… cease to exist.

The heartbreaking stories I’ve heard. Spouses and family members getting jobs in nursing homes and even volunteering, just to see there loved ones. This too is such a beautiful picture of the Bride of Christ longs to be with her bride. With the members of his body.

Again the church fails. Following all the rules as they should… shepards should still be informing there flock… of the realities that this virus is here to stay, and it is not as deadly as our governors say. That is the part that is protected by the constitution. Freedom of speech. And that happens in the church.

Yes, and believe it or not… there are states where individuals are allowed to go to church but do not. They don’t wan’t to wear a mask for that long. Or, they are afraid of the virus. Let me show you what we’re doing at The Deacon We’re using our faces as sounding boards. Check it out.

If you have to wear a mask, look bad ass while doing it, click on the masks above and see.

Yeah… we use our faces as sounding boards. All while being obedient. We must obey the authorities. It really is one of the tells, you could even say it is [a mark] and it shows either you are a baby in your Christian walk, or you are not saved. What is amazing to me, I would have never believed that I would be saying such a thing that appears so antithetical to grace. But you need to know… it does not

It’s just a mask. It is not the mark of the beast.

I mean c’mon… if you believe in a literal mark of the beast – which I believe is a correct interpretation – if you can shop online without a mask… the mark of the beast it is not.

You will not be able to buy or sell without the mark.

But, you need to know that it is coming. And you need to know the church must stop giving into, and or participate in, the scare tactics. Obey all laws, but admit the masks will not stop you from getting this. You need to tell them the truth.

You know I am blessed to have a Godly family. And grateful for so many of you who’ve sought to know me and allow me to know you. What a great God we serve. Make sure you subscribe to this blog. And please support us in any way you feel lead.

Shawn Boutwell is a conservative Christian pastor, writer, and speaker. none as The Deacon on his podcast The Deacon Show and Reverse Universe. He is the pastor of an online family of believers known as The War Drummers of Made Alive.

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He revised and republished the now classic: How To Master The English Bible John Mac Arthur of Grace community church. And Dr. David Jeremiah of Turning Point.

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The War Drummer

S. Boutwell aka The Deacon hosts Reverse Universe and The Deacon Show.

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