The Parler Conspiracy

The Parler Conspiracy

I believe Fox News has conditioned you to take your resolve. And it was done so the election could be stolen from us. I’m gonna tell just how much money these people make. Who are they?

[The struggle in real time] … You want to stop Twtr and FB because they are the witness of the depravity of man. Of our depravity. The rage they provoke in us. The jealousy. We want it gone. But we can’t live without it. Their censorship is only a mirror image of our own desire for whatever it is that we believe. And they are used for control.

Have you ever thought about the very fact that… rather than seeing social media for the danger it is and banning it altogether, the powers that be seek to replace it. When Fox News ran a story on Parler being sold, and days later Bongino comes out saying it wasn’t sold “I own it.” That was a publicity stunt folks.

No matter the outcome, or motivations. DB works for Fox.

And of course, days later, Fox is reporting on how huge Parler has become. With the real owner and creator. Oh, so now Dan Bongino is the new Zuckerberg. DB was under Obama. Does Fox News own Parler through a back door? Or, is Parler just FN’s way to try and stay relevant. Maybe help those feel better about themselves while they still watch Fox News after the betrayal.

Do you know we were successful in reaching Dan Bongino about appearing on the 1st Auction for Gen. Flynn? He told us, “No.” We raised a tad over 100k that night. Can you imagine what we would’ve raised had he come on?

Did you ever think it was strange that Qanon always pushed us to Sean Hannity, Sarah Carter? The very same Qanon that told you patriots are in control and to trust the plan. The same group who attack anyone who disagrees with them. And they are conditioned to stand down.

Well, I believe Fox News has conditioned you to take your resolve. And it was done so the election could be stolen from us. I’m going to tell you just how much money these people make. Who are they?

Wanna hear something crazy? Now we know who the real Paytriots are, right? I guarantee Fox is padding the big players. Are you aware, that Sean H. gets paid $39k an hour? Yeah… is your mouth on the ground? With that Walter Cronkite voice. “Oh, I was just a painte’. I started off washin’ dishes.” He throws the football. He interrupts, never letting his guests talk… ’cause he’s about the money.

“Oh, everybody’s movin’ to Tucker.” They are the elites folks. $39k an hour. They are the ones who do not let their guests talk.

Speaking of Tucker Carlson… “the good boy.” I love his show. He lets people talk. He’s such a good boy. He does have that innocent boy look and laugh.

Tucker Carlson

I heard on the @WaltonNJohnson show, that Tucker Carlson was related to Nancy Pelosi. “Read your lines, boy.” I think they said nephew, something like that.

If only #BLM understood what they call “white privilege” – we call elitism.

Folks, I really believe we have misidentified the threats. Law trickles down. And MEDIA affects every aspect of everything human.

A citizen arrest can happen with two million people. All of these big-name celebrities and famous generals could pull this off in a…


… heartbeat. But they won’t. Because they got where they got in this life, in this country… by being obedient to the machine. And we thank them for their service. They have helped us get here. Now, it is our turn. And we are going to do things differently this time around.

Two million men and women in two years. With 50k unidentified gray ghosts. In two years. And we will take it back with arrests. We are not playing and we are nationwide. Join us.

In 5 days, we have 7 states left to have a member in. That means we have members in 43 states, who understand our objective, and have made the choice to fight for it. 40k men and women in every state is 2 million. We believe we can reach that in 2 years. Join us. 7 left.

States with members in them have the green dot. There are eight states left until officially a NATIONAL movement.

If you are interested in joining us…. please click the button below.

One thought on “The Parler Conspiracy

  1. Your a very wise man Shawn Boutwell!
    I agree 100%. .. they aren’t going to allow someone who’s not in the ‘Club’ to be a
    Major Player in Media or Social Media!

    Every one has their part to play in the
    Deception ..

    Thanks for speaking Truth!

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