1. Dale Cartwright
    01/12/2019 @ 4:09 pm

    As a former Military man, I find it appalling that the media misrepresents most of the men and women in uniform as well as the Presidents stand for the Military and these United States. We need these types of forums so we can keep a stronghold on the truths of our great Land. We must move as one and keep each other accountable to truth and justice for all of our great citizens. I applaud each and every Patriot out there and no matter how big or small you think your presence is, it all matters for the good of Mankind. May God keep you in his favor.


  2. Debora
    01/12/2019 @ 4:16 pm

    Sounds scriptural regarding the handling of difference of opinion when it becomes aught with one another.


    • sboutwell
      01/14/2019 @ 1:29 pm

      It is!


  3. Ronald E Henderson
    01/12/2019 @ 10:26 pm

    The Charter is a Great Idea, Q says United We Are Strong! I came to this movement because of the Message and was glad that I was accepted to the QArmy. Agreeing to this Charter is an Honor to me! I am here to learn to be a more knowledgeable person and welcome True News Reporting. We have to have organized leadership! As a newbie I thanQ again.


  4. Ted
    01/13/2019 @ 8:24 pm

    Great work Shawn, thank you so much for the work you are doing and I know that God will richly bless you for your sacrifice.
    Step 2 should be a minimum of two charter members.


  5. Alisha Hixson
    01/14/2019 @ 11:17 am

    The charter looks great so far and it is not foolish
    Your spot on and I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers and ask God to give you the wisdom and discernment regarding t charter


  6. Connie Hatley (Moeshe Hatley on YouTube)
    01/14/2019 @ 3:27 pm

    The Lord has given you wisdom and discernment… great job, Shawn


  7. David Mundy
    01/20/2019 @ 9:26 am

    Our biggest enemy isn’t each other. It is the MEDIA! I live near Ferguson Missouri, and you might be surprised to know this area is not a bad area to live. Many of our neighborhoods are racially mixed, and we don’t have any big problems here. But the PBS stations keep playing programs that instigate the black folks to be angry about things that happened in the 1960’s. Their programs talk about how the Black Panthers got involved and black youth rose up to fight the injustice. I was a young boy during those events (i watched on TV). My memory of it was that the Reverend MLK constantly promoted non-violence. All of his speeches were hopeful and inspiring and he implored everyone to be full of Christian love, not anger. But PBS rarely mentions it. Here is a question for people to research: Did white folks change their attitudes and prejudices because of fear of the Black Panthers…. or … because of the calmness and Christian message of MLK? I believe it was MLK’s Christian appeal to whites for change that did it, not the violence of a few rioters. PBS is stirring the pot to generate more anger. It worries me about Black youth falling for their lies. Our biggest enemy isn’t people of different COLOR. It is the FAKE NEWS media outlets that use their platform to encourage violence.


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