The Inspired Conscience

The Inspired Conscience

Have you ever thought of your conscience as being inspired?

No? That’s okay because most people don’t. If you’ll finish this article, when we’re done… you’re gonna look at your relationship to and with God completely different. And you are gonna love it.

First, the conscience. Right out of the philosophical gate – the Bible – God tells us, if we are going to have knowledge – with that knowledge comes awareness. And that awareness gives birth to choice.

God said, now the man has become like One of Us (Gen. 3:22).

Wait a minute.

I thought we already were like Him. It says He created us in His image.

And why is becoming “like one of Us” a bad thing? Especially when you think about the bride of Christ. God said, for this reason, they’ll leave their parents and become one flesh.

So, we made a choice. Think about this…

Who made the first choice? Who initiated the sequences of events. Yeah… look.

God initiated it. And to think… the story of the fall of man had been around long before Moses was there to edit it and include it as introduction to the story of his family and their encounter with God.

Death happened at the command. Look at Romans 7:7-12.

The story of the fall serves as the demonstration of how every Biblical narrative turns out and why. The Old Testament Characters demonstrate it. The New Testament explains it. How the Law of God is constantly before us in the form of our conscience and we still disobey it.

Think about it. Is the conscience divine? Look…

And if you are all hung-up on Eve being responsible – either for or against – you’ve missed the boat totally.

I mean it is demonstrated over and over again… that not only is the creator sovereign over His creation… but at no time does it ever cease to be HIS CREATION. He is not waiting in line behind any part of what He created. The absolute absurdity to even hint at it is crazy.

The reason so many people fail in their interpretation of the divinely inspired word is that they do not make God, King. He’s running this show. And has every right to run it how he sees fit. Yeah, the entire show. And your role is to make Him known and enjoy Him. This is the 1st rule of Systematic Theology. Theology must start with God.

And I tell ya, the Biblical account of the fall echoes reality. When a third person is added into any relationship, there will be conflict. Look at verse 18, the very next verse. And take note of who is the initiator.

So, what was the command. In this passage it is the law, not to covet.

You see, when you realize that the story of the fall is the story of how God’s character was activated within us when He created us in His image.

In our home schooling, my wife is having my children learn the basics of the West minster confession, or catechism. While we eat our breakfast I hear, “What is the primary purpose of man?”

No one looks up. With a mouth full of bagel, one of the kids say, “To Glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”

To glorify and enjoy Him forever. The real choice is to glorify Him. Glorify means to make known. The word Glorify implies a third party. And exactly how do we make Him known? Well… first and foremost is with our lives.

Our lives make the Lord known.

And check this out. Remember, where two or more are gathered, he is there also. Glorify implies making Him known to a third party. But Magnify… oh boy, oh boy. Magnify means to enlarge for better visibility. Now MAGNIFY the Lord.

Jesus was explaining to us the meaning of the fall of man.

The Fruit

It says, “It matters not what kind of fruit lay amongst the serpent’s coils. Death began with the command. When God said, “Do not eat of the tree in the middle of the garden.”

The man. The holy One who was God in the flesh — the one who superintended the wisdom of proverbs. The one who created Isaac and Esau. The one who created your body.

We talk about being good stewards of the earth, and all Father has given to us. What about our bodies? I’m sitting here writing this, and I hear my inspired conscience ask it again, but directed to, and for, me. “What about our bodies?”

We are promised that if we obey God, life will go well. At the same time told there is none righteous, no not one. Yeah… if you’ve broken one letter you’ve broken them all.

The Old Testament spans thousands of years… and the Jews are like, “Oh, so… God, your gonna go to the gentiles and give them a pass, when you could’ve filled us in on this little bit of info. Like two thousand years ago.” This what the Bible means when it says…

Again… so why didn’t God just go tell them Himself? He says, “I did.”

You’ve got to understand… science is the art of asking questions.

I think people have lost their respect for the Word of God. I’ve explained it to you before. Most people wouldn’t work on a car, but yet they’ll preach life and death on issues there is not a whole lot of evidence for in the Bible.

We should approach the word of God as scientifically as possible, to ascertain the exact truth about life and death, both temporal and eternal.

I mean, think about it. We’ve got more evidence for the way things are in the after-life than there is evidence that there’s nothing. Because there is nothing to prove there’s nothing.

The conscience has always been called the “Divine Spark of Man”. The conscience. Not conscious… but CONSCIENCE.

And when you look back at…

Though the sin nature has been transmuted to me from my earthly father, we do have an element to our species… and element of God, already present inside of ourselves. It is called the conscience. The divine spark is there inside every person on the face of the earth. And it is that divine spark, that he created inside of us that prevents us from having that perfect relationship like back in the garden. He initiated it. He activated it. And when you understand that, everything in the word of God just falls into place. No more contradictions. No more questions of what is write or wrong. This is what it means when the Psalmists sings, “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

The image of God is located in that spark. Do you understand me. The image of God, the nature of God, is in that Divine spark. The image of God is housed inside of your conscience. When you come to Christ, resurrects that conscience from the dead. Now… you are a new species of mammalian. The image of God in you has been made alive.

Theologians, around the world, at the turn of the twentieth century, called the conscience the Divine Spark. Why do they not talk like that anymore.

I’m telling ya… the idea that the antiChrist is going to be a type like Obama is so not in the Bible. He’s gonna look like us, like you, me. That is the two lambs horns on the 2nd beast of revelation.

I find it interesting that the Jews were expecting their Messiah to come as a conquering warier to free them from Roman oppression. And that is in a sense the purpose and fulfillment of the second coming.

The Antichrist will be a great defender of Israel… at first.

And look at all we are seeing. What we are watching. The anti-christ would not want the chaos to end. The anti-christ would use it to further his agenda.

HAVE THESE PEOPLE LOST THEIR MINDS? This is the coup… right here. This is what the virus is far, right here.

When does the president’s term legally end? Is it true Nancy would be president in the interim.

Look at the date on this article. I mean… is so well known they are writing about it in the paper. Yet nothing is ever done.

What is happening to day in America and around the world is pure lawlessness.

The Lord Himself testified… along with that weary feeling you are feeling over what is happening, check this out.

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4 thoughts on “The Inspired Conscience

  1. Like you said the spark we are born with the awakening is after death of self that sparks the fire of god in us. Iam fortunate. Yes most of the time the battle is knowing and being vigilant. Not simple. But hard for the u dead. We know this.

  2. I spent many years of my life ignoring my conscience and any promoting i received from God. The fight against the flesh is unreal and not just a daily struggle but a moment to moment struggle. Only when we fully let go of our fleshly desires can we fully embrace what God’s perfect plan has in store for us. So Jesus said to them, “For a little while longer the Light is among you. Walk while you have the Light, so that darkness will not overtake you; he who walks in the darkness does not know where he goes
    John 12:35 NASB

  3. Beautifully written Shawn.
    Appreciate your blogs. They
    keep me thinking & this one
    made me want to Study Gods
    Word even more.
    Thank You

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