Trump Stops Coronavirus Relief Talks Until After The Election. What about the stimulus checks? And, “Why all the make-up Mr. President.” Did you see that? I’ll tell you why.

Trump Stops Coronavirus Relief Talks Until After The Election. What about the stimulus checks? And,  “Why all the make-up Mr. President.” Did you see that? I’ll tell you why.

Yeah… it’s true. And why would he do that now. right before an election?

But first… did you see the last message from the president? Did you see his make-up? I’m gonna tell you what that means too. Check it out.


What’s the make-up for?

This, right here… printed in the New York Times. Everybody said he looked pale. Either he is appeasing them. Or… he is trolling them. And I think we know which one.

They are talking about this message.

Have you ever seen the movie The Prestige?

So… why in the world would he stop negotiating with Nancy… regarding the stimulus checks we need so badly? And UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION? It’s a no brainer.

Were it be done by anyone else, it’d be political suicide. And he knows that… so what the heck? Right?

Where’s my Stimulus check? For millions that haven’t even received the 1st one. Much-less the the second. But, boy… it sure was nice to get that 1st one. That stimulus check put the government in a very powerful position over us.


I smell an executive order. Nancy fails to pass anything. POTUS tests positive. He suggests the meds given to him. Do you understand that? He told the doctor what to give to him. And it worked. This will win him the election. No matter what. That is why.

Inspired by Todd Harris the new line of masks are totally-incredibly bad ass. Click on the link to support what we do. For access click on the picture.

Look at this craziness, Jews in Brooklyn are burning masks.

Science and Technology

Check this out…

What about the VP debate… I’m halfway through. I just posted this. Oh, POTUS will still win the election… but she met her objective. If you disagree… leave a comment. We can keep the conversation going about it.

The VP debate will be the topic for the next blog.

3 thoughts on “Trump Stops Coronavirus Relief Talks Until After The Election. What about the stimulus checks? And, “Why all the make-up Mr. President.” Did you see that? I’ll tell you why.

  1. Shawn I have to disagree with you..Vice President Pence won..Harris was Snarky and as all ways a real bi–tch. She was not calm or Vice Presidenal .. little lone dose she have it to be a President of the United States..she might be a great second rate dictator. In her answer or the Brianna Taylor question.. she actually was inciting more riots and looting and vicious protesting by the left listen to her and giving that answer..So bad for our country..and she never answered the question about packing the court.. we must pray that the citizens of this country sees through it all..and votes for freedom and democracy and not for the left’s agenda which is socialism which will eventually turn into communism… If this happens we will lose our country..I have heard you say that America is already a socialism country well it may be on the edges ..We all work for the man… But if it goes to the left ..Oh the nightmares we will witness..All will be lost except for the fact that we have our King and Lord Jesus and the Glorious Triumph of his Return…Sorry I have been missing your show..I have been taking a sabbatical away from all the horror and the ugliness what’s going on in the media news.. Putting myself on a calm straight line.. But I did watch the debates very important.. The evil and ugliness has just become so overwhelming but sometimes one has to pull away and take some time to get the issue I am working on a new art piece The Four Horsemen and the Great Dragon of the Apocalypse pretty intense.Hugs My Deacon.. have a very Blessed Day..The White Rabbit 🐰

    1. I do not think it will impact the election. But the debates are not for the decideds… but the undecideds. Her target was black undecideds… and she won-them. These people do not know what we know. They don’t watch the news. They wear masks in their car. Look up what the purpose of a presidential debate is. Then take yourself out of it so you can judge it properly. Look at who doubled back and then not getting to answers. Look at who completely failed to answer the mods question. It doesn’t matter who lied. It doesn’t matter how rude anyone was. It only matters because they appealed to the undecideds. When Pense was saying she was the most liberal… the undecideds want a liberal. Pense was endorsing her. He needed to address the why rather than the what. Because those people do not have any idea what he’s talking about. She commanded the debate… even hat the moderator do as she wanted. It doesn’t matter what we think about it. These people hate Trump so much, their just glad someone is standing us to the monster the media created. This is why Republicans always lose in debates. It doesn’t mean anything sometimes.

  2. Christians always win
    I hate Pence because he is a ” Master Freemason” . He was caught in the Pence/ Ryan scandal. Once the election is won Pence will be on a cruise tp Gitmo.. Jist like HRC dod in 2017, Oprah Windbag, tom hanks. Bono and so many more who already received military tribunals and some opted for lethal injection..

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