A [insert race here] man’s perspective.

A [insert race here] man’s perspective.

Both MLK and Malcolm X would be called Uncle Toms by these same people today. This is clear evidence of mind-control.

We always heard of the time brother would be against brother (Matt. 10:21). I imagine those in the 1st civil war felt the same. This time is different. This time it’s global. And this time races are against themselves. #BLM against blacks. Makes no sense to me. “That’s because you a {insert race here} man,” they say.

These same people use an interesting slogan. They claim to be – what they call – WOKE. It is not some word-child of the Ebonics days. Ebonics. Remember that. It’s always something with these elite socialists – of all colors. Anything to keep a paycheck coming for the career politician. And anything to keep the black man on the plantation. Look at this crazy stuff. Just enter Ebonics into google…


That slogan WOKE… as I said, it’s not Ebonics… it is the past tense of WAKE. Using the slogan WOKE, they are saying they have arrived. After all these years they have seen the light.

Well… according to both of their chief poster leaders, their icons for social justice and change, which both were celebrated while their legacy could be used, MLK said, do it non-violently. So, they do it violently. Malcolm X explained how the liberal uses and manipulates the black man and woman, yet both MLK and Malcolm X would be called Uncle Toms by these same people today. This is clear evidence of mind-control.

Black men and women have let themselves become victims to their own vices, controlled by white and black elitists. Black actors, comics, musicians… same thing. They are tools to placate the black community all the while controlling them.

Listen closely to what Malcolm X says. Such a shame he taught so many to hate. His genius lacked the love of God. MLK was different… yet they, together, could’ve been a force that would’ve changed the world forever. For the good. But… the elitist can’t have that.

Make no mistake about it. There is systemic racism in America. White and Black, and other colored liberal Democrats hate poor whites and blacks, browns, yellows, anything that does not look like them: philosophically. I mean it is so blatant in the black community. Blatant subjugation of an entire race of people using sex, drugs, fashion, music… this is full-blown sorcery in the truest sense of the word.

And make no mistake about it… in the 60s, many blacks were used as informants for the CIA. And you know they were promised many things. For example… what did John Lewis do to his own people to guarantee his position. Remember the black panthers? Click on the video below to watch this craziness.

#BLM and liberals are the exact opposite of woke. They are not awake. They are being used to pad the bank accounts of liberal Democrats. Look at Joe Biden. He and Obama. Two of the most racist leaders in America’s history. Biden has done so much to harm black people in this country. More than any before him. Won’t even condemn the riots until it became obvious he wasn’t that broken up over them. He loves it when blacks kill each other.

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Can you imagine a white man holding up his fist and yelling, “White lives matter.” Or, imagine a united caucasian college fund. It is so ridiculous. Oppressed? What about the Black Entertainment television. Just imagine. Yellow Entertainment Television. Brown Entertainment Television. Hell… what about the worst of them all… WET. White Entertainment Television.

BET… if you ever happen to stumble upon it, you’ll see it is very diverse. You’ll see everything from Preachers, after school shows, music… and even soft porn. Just another instance of the Black man profiteering off the animal instincts of his own race. Special TV, Special Magazine, Special Colleges, Special schools.

When a race becomes special at the exclusion of another race… gee, what is that called? Affirmative action? Again, just another form of racism.

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Many hope 2020 will be the year the oppressed are liberated from the supremely racist socialists.

Hate to burst your bubble… only Christ will free the oppressed.

Good day. Be good to yourself.

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2 thoughts on “A [insert race here] man’s perspective.

  1. Good post. I have seen a lot in my 61 years. This is a muck they have finaly run themselves into.
    Oh, maybe I should call it a swamp slowly being drained.

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